X-Wave Review – Created stunning, high-quality real videos in minutes

X-Wave Review

X-Wave Review – Introduction

Hey, Nzoe’s here,

Thank you for taking out time to check out this page. These 3 minutes are going to save you countless number of hours and $1,000s in recurring expenses.

As you know, videos convert much more than any other means of content marketing or content delivery medium. Why this is so, is logically simple:

Which would you rather go with, a long boring post or a beautifully animated video delivering the same content?

With 100% certainty, I know your answer is video.

The modern customer wants to see your product or service in action and thus, Video marketing captures a wide audience that even the laziest prospects can consume your content easily.

Facts . . .

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts than any other medium.

Including a video on your website homepage can increase conversion rate by 20% or more.

Animated explainer videos increase conversion by 20%.

Replacing an image with a video in your content increases conversions by 12.62%

Using the word “video” in your content subject line boosts the open rates by 19%

80% of users recall a video they have viewed online in the past month.

More facts

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.

100 hours of videos per day are watched on Facebook

But there are 3 problems about video marketing that no one tells you… and no one told me:

Problem #1: Videos have a reputation of being ‘An Inaccessible Marketing Tactic’, especially for small businesses

Why? Here’s the problem: Video creation is too expensive.

If you are selling a SINGLE product, I’d say… create a single video, slap it on your homepage, and call it a day.

But the truth is – NO ONE is selling just 1 product. Each one of us is selling 10s, 100s or even 1,000s of products. Paying that kind of cash for every video you get created is a big enough deterrent for you against considering using Video Marketing for your products.

Problem #2: Free Video Creation Tools… There’s no such thing!

The next time you google that term and see 39,000,000 results and get super-excited…

Thinking you have unearthed a gold-mine


There are no free lunches (and certainly no free videos).

Problem #3: The Highly-Sophisticated Video Creation Tools are NOT for Marketer…they are meant for designers…because they are too technical.

Today, I’ll show to you a new cloud software which helps you resolve the problems above. It’s called X-Wave, please check out my X-Wave Review for the details.

X-Wave Review – Overview

Launch Date:2019-Jun-18
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Coupon Code:Check Now
Official Sale Page:Click Here
Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

X-Wave Review – About Creator

Here  is X-Wave team:

X-Wave Review

This team is fully-behind you! to help you make breathtaking videos using x-wave aimed at maximizing results on social media

What Is X-Wave?

X-Wave is the next generation in video creation, pulling on the power of Artifical Intel-ligence to easily and intuitively create breathtaking videos. This product is perfect for video-centric niches such as Real Estate, E-Commerce and Local Business.

This AI Video Creation software will turn any page URL into a top converting video with no design skills. The simple interface was created for non-techies and allows you to easily manipulate the video in the editor for customized results. This product is 100% Cloud-Based. Nothing to Install. Ever! 100% newbie friendly. And the fastest way to create a video using AI.

X-Wave will not just make stunning videos for you. With commercial license, it will also make you tons of easy-money.  

Tell you how!

Starting today you are going to be able to command that kind of money for videos that X-Wave will crank out for you in minutes.

Just ask your clients for a URL of their website, their Facebook page or even their Instagram account. Create a video in minutes using X-Wave (that also means you can take up multiple video creation projects without worrying about the delivery deadlines) and sell it at whatever price point you want, keeping all the money.

You don’t have to pay us any royalty fee or commission on any video you create and sell on any platform. Starting today, you own X-Wave and all the amazing videos (and loads of money) you are going to make with it.

X-Wave Review – Product Features

In this section, let me take you “inside” X-Wave

Artificial Intelligence Powered Video Creation 

Nothing creates videos faster and better than Videoremix’s AI. Videos drive far more traffic on Facebook (around 59.3%) compared to images (around 29.6%), [According to databox]. So why not transform your existing images on Facebook and Instagram into stunning videos with X-Wave? Or you can instantly create stunning promotional videos from ANY URL.

Smooth Video Transitions

Want to convey a particular mood, jump between storylines, switch to another point of view, spice up the narrative or move backward or forward in time with your new video? X-Wave adds unique transitions to make your videos look terrific and engaging.

High Rendering Speed

You created a video but if you now have to wait hours to actually use it that defeats the purpose. Nothing is more frustrating for a video marketer than seeing the “rendering” sign going endlessly clockwise. This feature has kept that in mind and made sure that, within less than 1 minute you can render high resolution videos.   

Project Folders

With X-Wave you’d be running a full-blown Video Creation & Marketing Agency very soon, whether that was your plan or not – seeing the kind of money your customers would be eager to pay you for a video might change your resolve to just ‘stick to your business’. And handling multiple projects for your clients’ or even for your business can be quite a stress.

X-Wave lets you neatly save your videos inside different project folders. Next time you need a video that you made a couple of weeks back, no need to scroll through an endless list trying to locate it. Just another time-saver.

Professionally Designed Templates

Your X-Wave account is loaded with 20 Premium Templates. 10 of these templates target the Real Estate niche and the other 10 can be used to create videos in whatever niche you may choose. These templates are created by a team of very talented designers and marketers who have complete sense of what’s working and what’s not working in the market today.

Each template if sold on a platform like Fiverr would easily fetch $250. Yes, these are that good.

Social Media Publishing

Your new video that you thought about bringing to life a couple of minutes ago is now ready. What next? Download it and then upload it on different platforms to start getting traffic? Nope.

Just upload and rock Social Media with your video from the X-Wave software.

Direct photo upload

Would you like an image or a photo to be included in your video that’s not in the URL you just dropped in the X-Wave Video Creator? No problem. You get full control to customize anything that you would like in your videos.

Just upload the image that you want, choose it while going through the images that X-Wave pulled out of the URL you just provided, and see it seamlessly integrated inside your stunning video.

Built-In Music Library

X-Wave comes with an built-in premium music library. Use these tracks as background music to set the right tone and feel to your video. No stress that you might end up getting your video taken down because you used music that was copyrighted (Yeah, that happens) or worst you end up spending another 30-50 bucks for buying the background music files you’d like to use. X-Wave’s library has music to convey any mood you’d like.

X-Wave Review

How Does It Work?

Let me show you how to create a real-estate listing video using nothing but just a URL in 3 simple steps…

Step #1: Drop any URL inside X-Wave and the Videoremix A.I. instantly sets into action mode harvesting all the images from the given URL.

Step #2: Select from our plethora of professionally designed templates, identify which images you want in your video and edit any text to your liking.

Step #3: Sit back and watch your VideoRemix AI designed video render in seconds.

X-Wave Review – Demo Video

If all of points are not enough to you understand this product, please check out this demo video before you make decision.

X-Wave Review – OTO And Price

FE: X-Wave – $47 (non-commercial $41) >>More Details<<

  • AI Video Creation Assistant – Wizard
  • 3 Day Training Event
  • Upload Photos and Text
  • 100+ Music Tracks (plus music upload)

OTO 1: Business Upgrade – $37/m, $97/Year >>More Details<<

With this UPGRADE You’re Entitled To:

  • Unlimited Renders Per Month
  • Additional Music Tracks Monthly
  • Monthly Video & Motion Graphic Designs
  • Vertical And Square Video Templates

Motion Graphic Designs For Boosting Engagement 

Create an experience!

A motion graphics video is best suited for you if your brand favors sophisticated visual design.

And the great thing about motions graphics is that you can make it look consistent with your visual branding pretty easily. The color scheme, the look of each element, and the flow of animation can all be tweaked and customized until your video looks and feels exactly right.

Such designs play a very important role in educating your prospects about the awesomeness of your offer without putting them to sleep.

Do not be afraid to generate additional buzz around your brand. Creating memorable stories now is far much easier than you have thought. X-Wave team of professional designers and animators will create 3 stunning video and motion graphic designs for you every month.   

Unlimited Renders Per Month

That’s a massive upgrade than the other X-Wave members.

When you start creating videos with X-Wave, you are sure to run out the 20 renders in a day or two. Add to that the fact that you have also got access to the Commercial License as a part of this special launch.

Now, when you start selling these videos at $100s each, very quickly you are going to need more renders than just the 20 allowed as a part of the main offer.

So, when you upgrade today, we 500X the number of renders you can make… helping you 500X the profits you’d be making.

Additional Music Tracks Every Month

The X-Wave built-in premium music library has 10 tracks.

But with X-Wave Agency we instantly add 3 more high-quality music tracks to it. And we keep adding 3 more tracks month after month.

These tracks are carefully chosen by team of marketers to set the right tone and feel to your video.

Here are few more places where you can go and buy music:

Epidemic Sound – Pricing starts at $124/year

AudioBlocks – start at $99/year

IncompeTech – starting at $20 per piece

Bensound – for $129 per year

But with X-Wave Agnecy you save on all the money and the headache by making it super easy to quickly find just the right music for your video.

Vertical Video Templates

Over one billion people use the vertical video format on Facebook-owned properties like Instagram and WhatsApp alone — and even YouTube has now embraced vertical video on the web and mobile.

Vertical video is on the rise – and YOU can’t afford to ignore it much longer! When it comes to mobile phone use, vertical is king.

Square Video Templates

The old saying goes, “Don’t be a square!” That may still be true…unless you’re talking about social video.

Doesn’t matter how your viewing screen is oriented, a square video takes up a LOT of on-screen real estate. So, when a square video appears in a user’s feed. It stands out as a big, visual draw

X-Wave Review

OTO 2: Integrations $197 – one time >>More Details<<

Create Teasing Videos In Seconds from The Best Performing Images On: Google Business listings, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Now You Can Easily Create Stunning Videos From Social.

STEP #1: When the AI Assistant pops up, select the social platform and account you want to use.

STEP #2: Choose what images and text are needed for your video.

STEP #3:  Select Make Video! And you’re done!

Here are OTO 2 features: 

Easy 1-Click Access 

Just 1-Click is all it takes for you to access Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business Listing Accounts from right inside the X-Wave AI Assistant.

Select the best-performing Image and watch the Videoremix AI get into action by combining the force of all those images to produce and render a high-quality video that is all geared up to get you increased reach and engagement.

Single Dashboard Access  

You just need to attach the Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google My Business accounts once to your X-Wave account.

The tabs to access each of these platforms from right inside the X-Wave dashboard will appear on the left side.

No hassles. No headaches. No dashboard or platform hopping

Commercial License Included

Add not just yours, but the social media accounts of your customers as well. Make stunning videos for them using their own images in a matter of just minutes.

Charge them a monthly recurring fee for creating a certain number of videos OR charge per video (you can easily charge $100-$150 a pop).

OTO 3: Guerilla Sales System – $297 One Time >>More Details<<

With the Guerrilla Sales System You’ll Get Unrestricted Access To:

“One-Click-Join” to LinkedIn Groups 

Welcome to the gold-mine. There’s a reason why we like to call this Area 51.These are multiple groups of very targeted and frequent high-value potential clients.They value their time and are not interested in buying and trying products that are not up to certain standards and are guaranteed to help them grow their business.

A Captivating Intro Video For The Groups

Now when you enter these groups, we want to make sure that you enter with a bang!!X-Wave team will help you create a first impression that will instantly establish you as an authority in your niche.

Instantly these potential customers would be eager to look at what you have to offer to help them grow their business to new heights.

4-Week Posting Schedule With Messages And Videos

X-Wave team will help you warm up your prospective clients in the group. To be an active member and seller in these groups you need to constantly keep posting high-value content.

And to create a solid following for you brand you need to be on top of your customers mind for the first few weeks. Once you do that they will recognize and put a high value to your brand sub-consciously.

Killer Powerpoint Presentation & Proposal

Real Estate is one of the biggest niches and a high-priced one at that. The kind of money these guys make on every sale or leasing contract is insane… and the kind of money they are ready to spend on anything (especially videos) that help them close a client is equally insane!

Just get set up a Zoom or Skype meeting where you can present these DFY slides highlighting your business and the awesme results they can expect from working with you and your secret weapon, X-Wave. 

The Winning White Label Webinar

This is your ticket to the Big Boys League. The white label webinar we are going to give you access to has been specially curated by our marketing and sales team based on years of experience in crushing webinar sales.

All you need to do is get customers on. We’ll do the rest.

Premier Real Estate Agents Contact Lists

That’s your ticket to the Big Boys League. The lists we are going to give you access to is a compilation of premier Real Estate Agents.

These guys are always in a need for stunning videos that can help them show their property listings in a way that helps them make a killing when it comes to sales.

Access To Our LinkedIn Group

Armed with Xwave that gives you the capacity to crank out multiple stunning videos in a day, you are sure going to be the ‘Go-To’ guy for every video need for everyone.

What better place than LinkedIn to meet professional Real Estate Agents, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Fashion House Owners, Architects, Interior Designers and countless other business owners who rely majorly on stunning videos to grow their business.

You get added to the LinkedIn group of not just high-profile clients but also other video and design professionals. It’s a common sight to see professionals sharing the workload for BIG assignments that they have landed but do not have the resources to fulfill these contracts in the given time period.

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
  • 100 % Cloud Base Software
  • Videoremix AI Powered X-Wave Software
  • 10 Exclusive Templates For Real Estate Listing Videos
  • 10 Premium Templates For Any Other Niches
  • 10 Top-Quality Music Tracks
  • A 3-Day Live Training By 7-Figure Marketers (Recordings To Be Made Available)
  • Super Low One-Time Fee
  • Commercial License Without Upgrading


  • You have to connect internet.

X-Wave Review – My Opinions

X-Wave Review

X-Wave is your life-time solution for ALL your video needs. And you have seen that it can’t get any easier than ‘copy-paste’ a URL. We made video creation fully-automated with X-Wave.

One thing is clear, we love automation.

And that goes for how we run our business too. It’s also fully-automated so that we can provide our customers top-notch service faster than anything they have ever experienced.

Here’s what going to happen (automated) as soon as this special introductory offer ENDS:

The prices will increase.

The one-time fee will be replaced by monthly/yearly recurring model.

You will no longer be able to access our exclusive launch bonuses.

You’ll have to either upgrade your X-Wave account or pay $197 extra to secure a Commercial License.

You won’t get access to our 3-Day Live Training Event By 7-Figure Marketers.

But if you act now, you can lock in your chance to create incredible videos for all your marketing.

While other marketers are paying astronomical fees to freelancers or trying to get their heads around complicated editors, every time they want to create a video, you’ll be already cranking out high quality videos and driving hot-traffic to your offers ready to be converted even before the video plays out it’s full-length.

And the best part!

Your super-low one-time fee is fully secured by 30 day No Questions Asked Guarantee.

Who Should Use It?

Website owners

Give your website a facelift by adding vibrant animated videos on your home page, product and service pages. Welcome a new visitor or thank them for filling out a contact form with video. Increase conversions by 80% by adding video on your website!

Affiliate Marketers

70% of marketers report videos convert better than any other medium. Maximize your revenue by embedding them in your emails and on social channels. Use them on paid ad campaigns across your advertising channels to get more sales!


Create fun and new content for your viewers because 59% of people would rather watch a video than read text! Feature a new video for every new post you publish, or use these to promote a new giveaway you have on your blog! You have unlimited possibilities!

Social Media Marketers

Set yourself apart from the rest with these breath-of-fresh-air videos that attract attention, boost engagement and dominate the market! Use these videos to connect with your audience. Amp up your social media strategy and surprise your audience by mixing text posts, images and videos regularly.

Authors and Publishers

Advertise your new book or publication with a new explainer video with your book cover. Give your readers a teaser video and talk about your plot with a cool video that tell your story. Speak and connect with your readers through animated videos with every book you release!

Paid Advertisers

Brilliantly make videos that stand out from the competition and magnetize your buyers and viewers instantly. No need to worry about fees because you get 100% commercial broadcast rights too. Use these animated videos and advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google and watch the sales pour in!

eCommerce Store Owners

Showcase your products and sell 792% more with gorgeous videos that impress your buyers. You can embed your videos on your product page and make a carousel promoting a special of the day. You can also create sale announcements or discounts and share these videos on paid or non-paid channels.

Offline Businesses

Distribute and promote your sensational videos with your products to your customers so they can visit your physical store without spending extra money on magazine ads, TV commercials or radio ads. That’s almost 100% savings on offline advertising and get the highest return on investment!


Thank you for taking out time to check out my X-Wave Review. These 3 minutes are going to save you countless number of hours and $1,000s in recurring expenses.

It’s no news that video is the best way to get attention and sales (I am hoping that’s why you want to know… how you can crank out awesome videos in as little time as possible with zero headaches). But if you create videos just for fun – you should know that you are leaving massive amounts of money on the table.

When it comes to engagement and conversions… ‘Nothing works better than Videos’

When you get access today, you can render up to 20 HD videos per month with your X-Wave Account. However, if you are a power user, you’ll need to upgrade your account to X-Wave Agency. That allows you to render 480 HD videos more, taking the number of total videos to a whopping 500.

If you don’t like X-Wave and want a refund you will get it without any hassle, X-Wave team has automated that process completely. That’s also the reason that the refund will not be processed under any circumstances after 30 days have elapsed.

Bonuses From Vendors

Bonus#1: 5 Additional Real Estate templates designed and crafted by our team of designers and marketers. Worth $200!

X-Wave Review

Bonus#2: 5 Additional templates designed and crafted by our team of designers and marketers. Worth $100!

X-Wave Review

Bonus#3: All Done For You Email Sequence.

X-Wave Review

My Upgrade Bonuses

Bonus Package 1 – Windows Desktop Applications

Bonus Package 2- WordPress Plugins & Web Scripts

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content App

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step1: Order X-Wave through my site

Step2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

email: nzoe2018@gmail.com or contact me on this page.

Step3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package

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