Videtar Review – Easiest way to create videos marketing and drive traffic

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Videtar Review

Video marketing is one of most effective methods to promote your products and build your brands. However, if you do some research, you will see that there are more than 5 billions videos on YouTube being watched every day. So how can your videos stand out from such a pool of videos?

In general, the people will buy expensive tools to create high-quality videos. This way may work, however, it has take a while before you get used to using it. In my opinion, you shouldn’t buy these tools because them are ridiculously expensive for some marketers.

So if you are looking for a solution, let’s follow my Videtar Review to see how you can benefit from the suite!.


If you can crack the YouTube code, getting #1 rankings in their search engine you’re guaranteed a huge and ongoing income.  It’s like the holy grail of online marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Even though you might have TRIED making and ranking videos on YouTube…

The uncomfortable reality is: 

  • Making videos can be complicated, time consuming and expensive
  • Being on camera, for some people… just plain… sucks
  • You’re never really sure if you’re targeting the right keywords that will bring you results
  • You’re competing against the likes of Pewdiepie or Ellen who’s celebrity status leave you feeling like a squished ant

So even IF you can get a video created…

It’s unlikely to be seen anyway…

Which is why most people try video marketing at some point … and rapidly get bored.

Videtar’s video creation and YouTube Live traffic system is exactly what you need to not just get past the funk of so far… struggling to make videos that rank and get real eyeballs on your videos – and in front of the Internet’s MASSIVE audience.

Videtar Review- Overview

  • Product:                Videtar
  • Creator:                 Cindy Donovan
  • Release Date:        2018-Nov-02
  • Launch Time:         10:00 EDT
  • Frond-End Price:     $17
  • Refund:                   30 day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Recommend:          Strongly Recommend

What Is Videtar?

Videtar is an all-in-one video marketing tool designed to make it easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to get traffic and make money with video.

Until now, creating videos, getting them ranked, and getting traffic with video was pretty complicated and time-consuming… …but that ends today.

This brand-new, cloud-based tool makes it easy to have videos posted and live-streaming getting you hundreds of top rankings in YouTube and Google fast and easily… …and the traffic you get is 100% FREE!

Within minutes from right now… Videtar will build you unlimited beautiful, keyword rich, traffic pulling marketing videos.

You’ll get access to all of the tools you need, in a beautifully step by step system so you can simply research for high converting keywords, click and create branded videos and unleash traffic to any page you want a rush of traffic to!

Videtar Features

Keyword Research

Enter a keyword into the cloud-based software and let Videtar instantly find thousands of publically available “creative commons” viral videos for that keyword…

Create Video

The Videtar wizard walks you through creating your video. Add logo watermarks, upload audio, background music, or even a lower third text bars

Live Streaming

Dominate multiple page #1 rankings with just a few clicks of your mouse using our secret weapon, the Videtar Live Streaming Module

Network Embed

Our built-in network embed system gives you the power to put your video on thousands of sites, multiplying your traffic even further!


It easy for ANYONE, even total newbies, to get traffic and make money with video.
Create and rank your videos On Multiple Platforms Including Google & Youtube!
No More Stressing Out Trying To Create Videos That Product Results

You’ll be able to leverage the hard work of others and have all the top-quality videos you need by simply entering a keyword into the software.

Video Editing & Creation Is Now A Breeze

With the built in video editing tool you can add logos, audio, background music, and even a lower third text bar to any video you’ve chosen with just a few clicks of your mouse…

You can start with any YouTube video or upload your own and create and edit simple videos completely from scratch with your words and text over it, branded to yourself and your website.

Live Stream Your Videos For Hundreds Of Page 1 Rankings

Live Stream any single video you’ve created hundreds of times, instantly multiplying the results you’re getting with a single video making sure you’re seen and your links are clicked.  You can even upload multiple videos blitzing the page 1 rankings or spread your videos out to upload and play live from multiple channels.

Save Countless Hours When Compared With Doing This The Hard Way

You’ll have everything you need to research and find which videos you make will actually get you the traffic you want – and then turn those into videos, upload and start profiting from the extra traffic.

How Does It Work?

Step 1) Keyword Research
Step 2) Video Finder
Step 3) Video Brander/Editor
Step 4) Traffic With Our Video Publisher

Watch the demo to see:

Evaluations &Price

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Videtar Review – Conclusion

Obviously, Videtar is the easiest way to create videos that pull in traffic and direct that traffic to your pages.

What should consider from my Videtar Review that Videtar allows you to earn money from videos without creating any video. If you want to get away with all the stress and frustration coming from creating videos, then this tool may be a good choice.

Don’t forget! Videtar’s price will start at $17 during earlybird and gradually increase to $27 and eventually jump to $67 at the end of launch.

So There’s More Help To Make Sure You Become A Traffic Grabbing Video MASTER… Fast!

Videtar Review

BONUS #1:  Video Conversion Booster

This powerful software add-on will get you more views, better engagement, and more sales from your video.

This is the exact same power that sites like Vimeo use to boost your engagement and sales from your videos and it’s yours for FREE when you get Videtar today.


Videtar Review
BONUS #2:  Green Screen Editor

We could have done a separate launch with this one feature alone, but when you get Videtar, you’ll get this for FREE.

The Green Screen Editor makes it easy to create unlimited video variations from one single green screen video by adding different backgrounds and images so you can sell the same video over and over again for maximum profits.


Videtar Review
BONUS #3:  Video Resource Bundle

You’ll get video backgrounds, audio tracks and a pile of bonus lower third graphics. These are completely royalty free, so you can use them however you want, turning them into videos that you can rebrand and reuse, selling for $500 or $1000 each time.

You’ve seen how easy it is to create amazing videos, now with this bundle you’ve got even more opportunities at your fingertips!

Videtar Review
BONUS #4:  Hosted Profit System

Having an email marketing list is the most consistent way to earn income online, but there are a lot of ‘moving parts’.   You need a giveaway item, landing pages, download pages, an autoresponder, you need to review products, create bonuses etc etc… Well, not anymore.

When you buy Videtar you’ll get a completely done for you hosted lead capture system.  You can send your Videtar traffic to the page we’ve built (and host) for you.  We do the email writing and send out all of these custom promotions with your affiliate links.

Videtar Review
BONUS #5:  Live Webinar System Setup

Videtar is really easy to set up, so you’ll be able to login and create a traffic video quick smart, but if you’re not sure how to turn that into profits just join our special training event.  We’ll be walking you through making your videos and connecting it with your hosted profit system for easy list building and affiliate income. Better yet?  You’ll get access to our live marketing calls every week, included for free with your Videtar purchase today.



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