TxtVideo 2.0 Review With Massive Discount & Bonuses

TxtVideo 2.0 Review & TxtVideo 2.0 Coupon  Code

TxtVideo 2.0 Review


You need to launch videos that sell – and you need to do it fast. But you haven’t been able to crack that elusive code to get videos that look great AND have the potential to go viral.

Video tools out there are expensive. Time-consuming. Hard to learn. You’re tired of wasting time and launching videos that aren’t making you a single cent.

Now there’s a fast, fun, and easier way to create videos that get you:

  • More sales
  • More engagement
  • More profit

With this cutting edge, unique, cloud-based video software, you’ll get everything you need to create videos that SELL

  •  Create TxtVideos in minutes
  •  Join the exclusive Facebook group
  •  One-time price

If you are interested in TxtVideo 2.0, check it out my TxtVideo 2.0 Review for the details.

TxtVideo 2.0 Coupon Code & Overview

Vendor:Jamie Ohler
Product:TXTVideo 2.0
Launch Date:2020-Oct-11
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37
TxtVideo 2.0 Coupon Code: Copy Now
Official Sale Page:https://txt.video/
Affiliate Network:JVZoo

What Is TxtVideo 2.0?

TxtVideo 2.0 is a cutting-edge video making tool that gives you access to this viral marketing potential.  This software allows you to create videos that look exactly like a text message unfolding in real time.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 so you can make and launch your videos – fast – and know they’re going to get results.

TxtVideo 2.0 is a world-first. There’s nothing else like it out there! Sure, you could spend ages trying to make videos that look like these, but you’ll need a ton of time and some pretty expensive software to do it.

This tool lets you create intriguing, story-based conversations that are exactly like watching a text message unfold in real time. They tap into the curiosity factor that’s hard-wired into all of us as humans – meaning they stop the scroll and demand attention from your audience.

You can create the entire story, the characters, control the speed of the conversation, and add emojis, images, video, and GIFs to make it look exactly like watching a text chat on someone’s phone. 

Best of all, you can make and launch these in minutes so that you start getting results FAST.

Check it out TxtVideo 2.0 demo video below:

Pros & Cons


  • Create ultra-realistic text message videos in a flash
  • Let your imagination run wild with emojis, images, and GIFs
  • Sell without selling using the power of storytelling to grab and hold attention
  • Advance, cloud-based technology with super-fast rendering
  • Simple 3-step creation process
  • Start from scratch or use the premade template library
  • Access TxtVideo from anywhere with the cloud-based dashboard

PLUS – with this limited time launch special, you’ll get a FREE commercial license. No upgrades needed. Create a lucrative new income stream to boost your business or start living the laptop lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. 


I have not discovered yet.

How Is This Possible?

The success of TxtVideo 2.0 lies deep within the human brain. These videos get results because of our innate curiosity, and an unshakeable need to find out “what happens next” – the same scientific drivers that have made real text messages and chat so addictive and popular.

So when someone watches your TxtVideo creations it’s like getting an “over the shoulder” glimpse into someone else’s secret text conversations – only without the guilt! 

It’s powerful, attention-grabbing stuff.

Which Included With TxtVideo 2.0?

If you take action today, you’ll also get bonuses below:

Bonus #1: Live Background Videos

Invest in TxtVideo today and we will add the ability to add TxtVideos to Live Backgrounds – just like these… Directly from the app, you will be able to add an extra dimension to the way that you produce jaw-dropping TxtVideos
Directly from the app, you will be able to add an extra dimension to the way that you produce jaw-dropping TxtVideos
TxtVideo 2.0 Review

Bonus #2: Get exclusive access to the private TxtVideo Facebook group

Get exclusive access to the private TxtVideo Facebook group

Become part of the TxtVideo family. Celebrate your wins, share with marketing friends, get a ton of new ideas for your business – and on going training & Facebook LIVES from the BEST!

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

Bonus #3: You get a FREE commercial license – at no extra cost

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

When you purchase TXTVideo 2.0 on this offer, you’ll get a commercial license included. No upgrade needed! Start creating and selling your videos for profit to make an instant return on your purchase.

You get a FREE commercial license – at no extra cost

When you purchase TXTVideo 2.0 on this offer, you’ll get a commercial license included. No upgrade needed! Start creating and selling your videos for profit to make an instant return on your purchase.

How It Works?

Step #1: Log in

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

There’s nothing to download or install. Simply log in to your dashboard to start creating videos straight away.

Step #2: Create Your Text Story

TxtVideo 2.0 Review


Let your imagination run wild. Create conversations that look like a chat between you and a customer. Or between fictional characters talking about your product or service.

The key to getting amazing results with TxtVideo is to talk exactly like you usually would in a text message. Don’t forget to add some personality!

Step #3: Download and share

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

Preview your conversation and make any changes if you need to. Once you’re done, render your video and download it with one click. It’s that easy!

Now you’re ready to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever your customers spend their time online.

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

Features Of TxtVideo 2.0

Cloud-based software

Nothing to download or install. Access your account from anywhere. Work from home, from bed, from the beach – wherever!

Scripts to create videos instantly

No matter what your business is, you can start creating right away with our pre-made conversation templates. Swap out the details to make them your own, and you have a video that’s ready to go in minutes.

Add images

This displays just like your phone to make the video more realistic

Show link previews

Link abstraction – Add any link to TxtVideos and the app displays the website info within your video

Preview your work

Get everything perfect before you download and launch your video. Save time and avoid the headaches of having to redo everything after you’ve rendered your work.

Super fast rendering

No more waiting forever for your videos to finish rendering. Mega-fast speeds ensure your videos are ready in a flash, so you don’t have to worry about your video masterpiece timing out.

Upload GIFs

Upload GIFs directly to your videos

Ultra-realistic videos

Customize your texts so they look EXACTLY like looking at a conversation on a real phone screen. You can add:

  •  Personal images
  •  Signal strength
  •  Wi-Fi strength
  •  Battery life
  •  Time
  •  Mobile provider
  •  And more!
  • MP4 download format

Create your videos in MP4 so they’re easy to upload, share, and play on any platform and any device.

Multiple language support

Create TxtVideos in your language, for your audience. Just like you would on your own phone.

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

What Are Upsells?

Upsell #1 – Elite Member >>More Details<<

Monthly Plan – Opening day starts at $37.00, after launch price at $67.00:

Yearly Plan – Opening day starts at $147.00, after launch price at $197..00 :

  • Unlock more and more pre made specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • Unlock more bubble backgrounds instantly
  • Access brand new niche scripts delivered monthly
  • Access brand new bubble backgrounds delivered monthly
  • Ability to create – 180 seconds video
  • Can add unlimited images
  • Can add unlimited gifs
  • Can add unlimited emojis
  • Ability to add video to the conversation
  • Ability to add Voice Messages
  • MP4 and GIF video download
  • Monthly TXTVideo Creation Contest
  • With the possibility of adding new skins per quarter
  • Ability to have group conversation

Upsell #2 –  Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds ($97.00) >>More Details<<

I can not emphasize to you how unbelievably AMAZING this is! I will be sending out samples in the next day or so.

Trust me, EVERYONE is going to want to create one of these…

Yes, that includes YOU!

Hold onto your hats kids, this is REMARKABLE!

Upsell #3 – Business Toolkit: and Extensive Bootcamp Training($67.00) >>More Details<<

  • Three day session on how to Monetize with TxtVideo
  • TxtVideo Assications FREE downloadable PDF
  • Certified TXTVideo Expert Document Signed


  • Additional seven niches script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Apparel, Lawyer, Real Estate)
  • Additional five bubble backgrounds
  • Email scripts
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Proposal letters
  • Invoice
  • Pricing Sheets
  • Phone Scripts
  • Social Media Post
  • Day by day – Step by Step Success outline
  • Professional DFY webinar (training and PDF download)

Final Thoughts

TxtVideo 2.0 is one of the most unique and easy to use video tools I’ve ever seen – and it’s something you MUST check out.

If you’re serious about increasing your traffic and your profits, pay close attention…

No other app on the market comes close to getting you these results – at any price.

And speaking of price – TxtVideo 2.0 is currently available for a huge introductory discount, PLUS bonuses – but you gotta move fast!

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