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TVBoss – Overview

Vendor:Craig Crawford et al
Product:Tv Boss
Launch Date:2018-Nov-24
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$57
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What Is TV Boss?

Well TV Boss is a Roku Channel hosting cloud app that allows you to upload and manage your own content within the channels you create! AND VERY EASILY!

Roku viewers are starved of good content so its just like the early days of YouTube! A ‘Roku’ is a device (made by the company Roku) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the Internet to your TV.

The devices require minimal setup and connect to the Internet the same way your PC does. Roku media streaming devices incorporate an operating system (OS) that allows users to access and manage internet streaming content.

It’s also a download people use to view the channels, here’s some quick 2018 stats!

roku app

How to make money from your channel?

TV Boss, which allows you to launch and manage your own TV channel on Roku, the world’s leading provider of TV on-demand, and get in front of the audience of 44.6 million viewers in US alone.

For TV channel owners, it means being recognized as the industry leader, easy income via TV ads, and traffic – depending on niche 3,500 to over 10,000 viewers in the first month alone with NO marketing.


Why TV Boss Help You Make Money?

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  • 22 million ACTIVE accounts in 2018 with 44.6 million viewers
  • The average amount of time viewed is about 50 hours per month!
  • There’s been over 14.8 billion hours viewed in 2017 and
  • 9 billion in 2016! Showing some serious growth!

TV Boss team has discovered a brand new traffic-getting video portal that puts you in front of million of hungry viewers every day… with virtual zero competition.

And it’s so easy, we’ve been secretly using it to rake in over 105,695 subscribers in a niche we know NOTHING about… using other people’s videos.

Plus, it even pays you a passive ad revenue share… so you can make easy money from every video you upload… while promoting your own stuff at the same time!


Roku “test” channel in just day

Within three channels that we found content for.. Within 11 days of our “dog kingdom” “Chess School” and “Guitar School” we had:

8457, 6,340 and 9,578 Subscribers! Amazing right?!

Whether you want to create your own content or use someone else’s

When TV boss was being tested on the first version, this amazing software generated 25,000 dollars in ad revenue!

Built a list of over 100,000 channel subscribers and all from using someone else’s chess videos from YouTube!

TV Boss Team has already hit 137,147 subscribers in the guitar tuition niche…

roku app channel

54,838 subscribers in the dog training niche…

roku app channel

36,921 subscribers in the Chess niche…


roku app channel

Don’t forget ! They don’t know ANYTHING about these niches!


Click here to see that how to make a roku channel with TV Boss 

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