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TV Boss Fire Review Discount

Hi all,

TV Boss has been launched on 20th of November 2018 on Jvzoo in the realms of Video – TV Boss, which allows you to launch and manage your own TV Channel on Roku, the world’s leading provider of TV on-demand, and get in front of the audience of 44.6 million viewer in US alone.

Now, there’s a battle between Roku & Amazon Fire, which is better?

For TV channel owners, it means being recognized as the industry leader, easy income via TV ads, and traffic.

In 2019, Craig has just created new product which lunch both Roku & Amazon Fire and his goal is to pay out twice that in commissions… the name is TV Boss Fire.

If you are searching more information about TV Boss Fire before selecting it. Check out my TV Boss Fire Review. Can it be worth your time, effort and cash?

TV Boss Fire Review – Overview

Vendor:Craig Crawford
Product:TV Boss FIRE
Launch Date:2019-Mar-21
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Discount and BonusesCheck out here
Official Sale Page:Click here
Affiliate Network:JVZoo & Warrior
Niche:List Building

What is TV Boss Fire?

TVBoss Fire is a cloud based application that within no time at all allows you to create from one link the following three massively important things:

  • A Roku channel
  • An amazon fire channel
  • And a website feed… kinda like their own YouTube… But the best bit is, is adverts are served on them all allowing for maximum money making!

TV Boss Fire allow you to sell any product or service in any niche – To an audience that are pre-conditioned to watch adverts and even enjoy them… And who can pause your content, replay it and all whilst sat next to the more popular device to go buy!

TV Boss Fire is the 1st & only software that lets you tap into an entirely new traffic source, for personal profit.

Within just hours, you can be in front of millions of viewers, literally GLUED to the screen.

Will it work for you?

There’s no reason it won’t, because BOTH the system AND platform are proven. All the step-by-step training you need is included …
Along with access to a support group that’s built to ensure your success.

If you commit just a few minutes a day, you too can see some amazing results.

What Do I Need To Set This Up?

Unlike YouTube, you don’t upload videos to an external site like with YouTube.

You host videos yourself – whether on Amazon S3, Vimeo Plus or your own server.

We’ll show you exactly how to do it in the next 30 minutes – and how to fill your channel with streaming videos that get tons of viewers, subscribers and ad revenue.

Most people have no clue how to do this – meaning far less competition and a much bigger money-making opportunity for you.

Here are the only things you’ll need:

  • TV Boss Fire – to launch and maintain your channels with no tech skills
  • Video hosting (Vimeo Plus, Amazon S3)
  • Your own Roku & Amazon Fire players (combined cost of under $100, one-time)

Will I Need Technical Skills Or Experience?

None at all! We’ll walk you thru everything step by step on video. Just follow along, use the software how we show you, and you’ll have profitable channels live & earning before you know it! Plus – we’re here to support you 7 days a week if you ever have a question … we simply refuse to let you fail!

Do I Have To Pay Hosting Fees?

Yes – there’s a small fee to host the videos you stream on Roku & Amazon. But relax – Craig’ll show you how to stream your entire video collection for less than than the price of a cup of daily coffee.

How does it work?

Well TVBoss FIRE lets you launch both the Roku channels and Amazon Fire TV channels, and manage the content of your TV program, and assign your videos into multiple categories! And very easily! One click updates your TV program on both Roku and Amazon Fire TV!

Amazon Fire viewers are starved of good content so it’s just like the early days of YouTube! A ‘Firestick’ is a device (made by the company Amazon) that streams media (shows, movies, and even music) from the Internet to your TV.

The devices require minimal setup and connect to the Internet the same way your PC does. Roku media streaming devices incorporate an operating system (OS) that allows users to access and manage internet streaming content.

In order to create channel, you need to go through 3 steps as below:

Step 1: Just simply put a Channel name, Channel icon, channel description

TV Boss Fire Review Discount

Step2: Setting your channel.

At this step, you enter Provider Name, contact email, language. You also add affiliate URL or Remove it

TV Boss Fire Review Discount

Step 3: Add video details

TV Boss Fire Review Discount

Here is your result:

TV Boss Fire Review Discount


Any Training?

The software lets you EASILY run channels on both Roku & Amazon Fire …something that wasn’t possible before without a huge budget & specialized developer skills .

The training shows you how to get audiences to YOUR channels, build your list and attract advertisers willing to pay you monthly for exposure.
All this without needing to create any content – you’ll be shown how to legally & ethically use other people’s videos to build your channels.

Here are step by step training which you will get free after buy TV Boss Fire.

  • Overview
  • Do These 5 Things First
  • How to Get Your Amazon Creator Account for Use with Fire TV
  • Roku Devices and Setting up Your Roku and Developer Account
  • Using My Channels Area in TV Boss Fire
  • Choosing the best layout for your channel inside ROKU
  • Getting the video URL from your Vimeo Pro account
  • Creating your app in Amazon Creator for your Fire TV channel
  • Adding the JSON feed URL from TVBOSS fire into ROKU
  • Branding your channel inside of TVBOSS fire and in ROKU
  • Overview of What You See When You Login into TV Boss Fire
  • Make Sure to have done or considered everything in the Video
  • Installing Your Roku Device and Basic Use
  • What are the Fire TV Devices to Use with TV Boss Fire
  • How to Login to Your TV Boss Fire Account

Demo Video?

What are OTOs?

There are 4 OTOs. You can still make use of and enjoy TV Boss Fire even without the OTOs, But If you want to get more power out of this beautiful Software, then I will suggest you grab the OTOs too.

Here are the OTOs:

OTO1: TV Boss Fire Success Training($47)

The ultimate training to get your subscribers the best results. The value is off the hook and the social proof will make this oto cover like crazy.

OTO 2: Marketers Goodmine($67)

This OTO is an amazing amount of ongoing resources… this allows them to make their TV channels even easier, their marketing even easier and hosts a an abundance of information- the creatives side of things is phenomenal from animations to animate backgrounds… To music, images, logos and so much more.

Some of our existing users have also provided feedback for this and have been blown away.

OTO3: TV Boss Fire –  Multi Channel unlimited option($37.00)

The ultimate upgrade that saves your subscribers cash and maximizes their profits.

Video hosting boss plus handles all video hosting for users-for less than they’d pay anywhere else… and included all future major feature upgrades the R&D team is working on – which be sold separately to users that don’t get this upgrate

OTO2:TV Boss Fire – Channel lister($9.95)

TV Boss Fire SEO their channel page and help drive people to it, also allowing people to find to find their channels and rate them. Getting viewers to your channel is important, and work to help them achieve this.

TV Boss Fire Review

Can I run TV Boss Fire on a Mac / Windows / Linux…?

Absolutely. It’s a cloud-based Software-As-A-Service, meaning you can run it from any browser on any platform – all you need is internet.

It’s not the same TV Boss version you have to install before using because:

Roku is the TV on-demand service and people have to be able to access your channel 24 hours a day. To make this possible, it is easiest to install TV Boss on your website.

Some people prefer to install TV Boss on their own computer (Windows, Mac, Linux…).

That’s fine too, but then your computer has to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, you need a web server running on your computer (e.g. Apache, which is free), and the IP address. Unless you have experience doing this, I would not recommend it, and we have no tutorials for it.

Can I host my videos on YouTube / Amazon S3 / website?

We use and recommend Vimeo Pro for hosting your videos. YouTube cannot be used because they do not give you the URL to the streaming video.
Amazon S3 is for storage. You can use it if you combine it with Amazon Cloudfront, but this is many TIMES more expensive than Vimeo Pro.
A website is not a video streaming server.

What is the difference between Direct Publisher and Developer in the Roku options?

Direct Publisher simplifies the publishing process. TV Boss lets you manage and organize the content of your channel, for the Direct Publisher format.
If you go with the Developer option instead, you’d need to code the application from scratch to power your channel. That’s what we did with our Inspire. Vision iTV software before the Direct Publisher format was available.

TV Boss Fire Review Discount

Can you do Live Streaming with Direct Publisher?

 Here’s the case study by Darnell Smith

Actually you can Live Stream with Direct Publishing and I do it now.

I’ve done it with 2 TV stations here in the Dallas TX area that are LIVE right now as a matter of fact.

The live streaming source we use is provided by a 3rd party. We use the .m3u8 format , but you can have streaming formats in the .mp4 format too.This is the Streaming company they use Wowza

The M3U file format is for creating a single-entry playlist file pointing to a stream on the Internet and Roku understands this format as HLS.

Here is a LIVE Stream channel you can test in your own system below. It’s one of the channels I manage for a client here in Dallas.

You select the HLS format for the video type and set the video length for 2, 4 or 6 hours much like that of a unattended TV’s auto shut off. We use 4 hours.

When the time runs out the channel will stop playing as if the video is done. The viewer would have to press play again to continue watching, but the stream is not paused. It will pickup in real-time.

What we do is make one of the VODs a live streaming one. People can choose pre-recorded videos or the Live Stream on demand which will stop playing after 4 hours.

Pretty simple really.

Note: you want to have a stream URL that’s static or you will have to keep updating the URL and this is not practical unless you name this video something like “5 O’clock News” and update the stream URL by 5 everyday.

If your stream URL is dead it just won’t play when clicked on by the viewer and it does not error out.

Here’s the screenshot of the setup for the Live Stream Video:

TV Boss Fire Review And Discount

Here’s the JSON entry snippet for the live streaming entry:

“id”: “0220202002”,

“title”: “CFN Network LIVE”,

“shortDescription”: “Redefining the way you look at television, the mission of CFN-TV is to be an eye opening network, not shying away from true content, and bring a realistic view of the world from news to entertainment!”,

“tags”: [







“content”: {

“dateAdded”: “2017-11-11T22:21:37+00:00”,

“duration”: 7200,

“videos”: [


“url”: “”,

“quality”: “HD”,

“videoType”: “HLS”,

“bitrate”: 2000




“genres”: [










“science fiction”,



“thumbnail”: “…/cfn_channel.jpg”,

“releaseDate”: “2019-02-21”

Note: Vimeo also provides live streaming, but not under Pro plan. You’d need to upgrade to Vimeo Premium, which is at the time of writing $75/month.


TV Boss Fire taps into the massive shift of consumers who are moving from cable TV to on-demand services – specifically Roku & Amazon Fire.

This software lets you easily create your own channels on these platforms, to get in front of millions of viewers that most marketers will never target.

There is a lot of knowledge to use it, if all points are not enough to you check out this, you can see more here or  visit official sale page.

Hope this helps.

TV Boss Fire Review

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