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Hi all,

If your ad strategy is only about Facebook, if that’s the only thing social means for you, you’ve  already fallen behind and before time you’ll just lose your profitability to smarter and faster competitors.

Facebook advertising is becoming costlier and costlier due to bid competition, and even worse, the active audience is falling in numbers. You must be thinking about an alternative.

I will tell you.

YouTube ads is the alternative. But you can’t work on them like Facebook ads. If you use the same tactics, you’re bound to fail.

Rather on YouTube to succeed you need to target on the channel & videos that your target is watching. It is the most powerful targeting option on YouTube.

But unfortunately it’s not easy to find monetized channels and videos that you can target.

What’s the solution?

The new software launch from my friend Cyril & his team. They have been working towards to solve this problem for you. It’s TubeTarget.

If you wish to know more knowledge about this tool, check out  my TubeTarget Review for the details.

TubeTarget Coupon Code – Overview

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Launch Date:2019-May-31
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37
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TubeTarget Review – About The Creator

If you are from the marketing field, you must have no longer been a stranger to the name Cyril Jeet!

Jeet is successful online marketer and a software developer with many years of experience, he has quickly expanded his popularity on the infamous digital market Jvzoo. Also on this platform, Jeet and his team have released a range of outstanding products, such as ReachTreat (Instagram), Covert Social Press 2.0, 60 – Minute Empire, MailEngine, Pinflux and Thumbnail Blaster.

Judging by Cyril Jeet’s previous successes, I believe that sooner or later, TubeTarget is going to be a very successful launch.

TubeTarget Review

What Is TubeTarget?

Facebook advertising is becoming costlier and costlier due to bid competition, and even worse, the active audience is falling in numbers.

People are already tired of the political bullshit and opinionated posts that they have cut down a lot on their Facebook time. It’s no longer a platform to share personal stories with, it’s a platform for political posturing.

In contrast, YouTube is growing impressively. More people are watching YouTube than ever and the existing audience is spending more and more time.

YouTube ads are now a real and powerful alternative to Facebook ads. This is the product that makes it easy for your buyers to get started with YouTube ads and get profits from them.

Tubetarget is a powerful SAAS software that gives you Facebook level targeting for your video advertisements. With it you can explore niches and narrow down the exact videos and channels that your target market is watching.

You will love it because it lets you do those things which no other software in the market can do.

  • Find the exact videos that people in your niche are watching.
  • Find the exact videos that people in your niche are watching.
  • Easily create your personal targeting catalog and get a Google Ads compatible CSV.
  • Detailed training shows you how to become a video ads winner.

YouTube ads are now a real and powerful alternative to Facebook ads. This is the product that makes it easy for your buyers to get started with YouTube ads and get profits from them.

Now, what all you can do with Tubetarget?

  • Find the exact monetized channels that will give you the best results for your niche, increasing your ability to convert.
  • Find hundreds, or even thousands of monetized video for any niche or search term.
  • Create powerful campaigns that bring together all the channels and videos you want to target to get more views and engagements.
  • Create Google Ads compatible CSV file that you can quickly import into your Google Ads to immediately generate highly targeted ads.

Why You Should Use It?

In this part, I’m going to show the biggest reasons why you should claim your tubetarget immediately

    • Targeted traffic from YouTube at cheaper rates. Something than you can never get on Facebook.
    • An immediate lead and profitability boost over competition that’s still stuck with old ways of running ad sets.
    • Mega powerful targeting scheme that gets you better targeting than any interest or demographic based targeting.
    • Your customers see your ad exactly where they are interested in the niche or service. You get better results than any other system.
    • Unlock TubeTarget, a more powerful tool that costs significantly less than 1/5th the price of alternatives.
    • Included powerful training gives you the full set of skills you need to dominate YouTube ads, endlessly.
    • One-time price during this special sale. Get it now and you won’t have to pay for access again.
    • Incredibly easy to use even for newbies. You’ll be running your first campaign within minutes.
    • 100% Secure investment with our powerful support and refund guarantee. You pay only if TubeTraffic takes your business to the next level.

TubeTarget Review

How Does It Work?

Now, you get ready to generate high rois from your youtube ads in just 10 minutes with TubeTarget

Step1: Find 100s of monetized videos and channels for your niche on TubeTarget

TubeTarget allows you search videos, channels base on entering keywords. You only enter your keyword you want to target then click search. TubeTarget will list all videos, channels related to your keyword. You easy to add these videos or channels to your campaign then export your campaign in CSV file to import to Google Ads.

Step2: Import Your CSV into Google Ads and run your ads

Let us learn how to import a Tubetarget downloaded CSV file to Google ads.

Go to your Google ads account or Google ads editor. Select Account on top left corner, click on import and then From. Select the relevant file from your PC. Next click on Open. A box will appear having details of your file. Next click on Finish and Review Changes.

The Tubetarget campaign will appear on Google ads editor. This is how data is imported from Tubetarget to Google ads.

Check out video below for the details:

Step3: Watch the best clicks & traffic come to you non-stop.

TubeTarget Coupon Code

TubeTarget Review – Product Features

Create Campaigns

TubeTarget Review


Create campaigns targeting your niche or keyword to easily find all the resources in one place, anytime you want.

Channel Finder

TubeTarget Review

This is powerful feature that helps you find tons of monetized channels in any niche.

Video Finder

TubeTarget Review

This feature help you to find thousands of monetized videos targeting any keyword so that you can start advertising instantly.

Keyword Finder

TubeTarget Review

Keyword finder gets you even more keywords and ideas for the niche that you’re trying to dominate.

Advance Video Analysis

TubeTarget Review

Video analyzer that lets you filter the very videos that will give you the best results of them all.

YouTube Ads Video Training

Powerful YouTube ads video training to help you create profitable ad campaigns fast. Complete TubeTarget video training to help you exploit each and every feature of TubeTarget.

TubeTarget Review – Training Contents

This training is designed to get you on the fastest path to youtube marketing success.

Here’s overview about this training:

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • An introduction to Youtube Ads and why you need them.
  • Compare Youtube ads and Facebook ads

Chapter 2: Setup

  • Getting started with Youtube Ads on Google Adwords
  • TrueView (Instream or Discovery) Ads
  • Bumper Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Sponsored Cards
  • Setting up your first campaign

Chapter 3: Ad  Basics

  • Creating videos for YouTube ads
  • Google Ads basics

Chapter 4: Tareting

  • Targeting demograhics
  • Targeting Keywords
  • Targeting Channels
  • Targeting Videos

Chapter 5: Placement Targeting

  • Why Is Placement targeting the best way.
  • Using TubeTarget to find Placements

Chapter 6: Controlling Your Costs

  • Youtube ads bidding optimization
  • Optimizing the running ads

Chapter 7: Remarketing

  • Remarketing Setup
  • Monitoring  conversions
  • Remarketing tips

TubeTarget  Review – My Personal Experience

In this section, I’m going to show my experience in using TubeTarget. Before starting, I’d like to say that I use this product as beta version. You can trust everything in my review. Now let me show you the features of TubeTarget.

Firstly, you have to login to TubeTarget. Here’s login screen:

TubeTarget Review

This is the dashboards interface for all the DVDs you carried out are shown

TubeTarget Review

You can see all features of TubeTarget in left menu, the bar chart for the contains data and the pie chart showing the total activity CD. You will see a table for the last 20 keywords you added to your campaign as well as the last 20 videos and the last 20 channels at the bottom part is the list of campaigns you made.

When you want to add more campaigns just click this button the – bird even shows you the date and time when you last log in.

TubeTarget Review

1/Keyword Finder

Next to the dashboard tab is the keyword finder which helps you to find tags and add targeting keywords to contains which you want to target enter a keyword you want to search that you think is
relevant for your campaign. For my example, I’ll enter “health and fitness”:

TubeTarget Review

And then click search then a list of keywords that are related to the one you searched will appear as below:

TubeTarget Review

  • Find Videos column

This column which consists of the YouTube videos with that specific keyword and when we click the find videos button you will be directed to Videos Finder tab.

  • Find Channels Column

This function is calling for the YouTube channels with the keyword then click Find Channels, TubeTarget will redirect to Channels Finder tab.

  • Campaigns Column

This column allows you add the keywords which you want to target to your campaign.

2/Video Finder

This feature allows you to find monetized videos using keyword matching your suits to use this just enter a keyword then click search now. You can see Videos Finder screen below

TubeTarget Review

Here’s some search results:

TubeTarget OTO

TubeTarget will show thumbnail, tittle, number of views, likes and comments. You only click add button in Campaign column to add videos to your campaign.

3/Channels Finder

The channels finder which helps you to find channels using the keyword which you want to target again enter a keyword then click search. Now you can see the list of the channels which contain the keyword you just searched for

TubeTarget Review

4/YT Video Info Finder

This feature allows you search for the information of a particular YouTube video.

In order to use this feature you must first go to youtube and get the video URL and then copied pasted
video URL box into target then click find you can see information of that video

TubeTarget Coupon Code

You can see information of that video such as the title from the video link when it was published,  channel title, Tags, number of views, likes, comments and the description of the video.

5/Channel videos 

This function allows you find all videos within channel. You only enter channel URL and click find button then all videos of this channel will appear. You can see each videos number of views likes and comments in each column. You easy to add videos to your campaign.

TubeTarget Review


You can see the campaigns I created and where you can add another campaign.  In each campaign, you’ll also see the campaign’s name the number of keywords videos and channels that I added in the campaign.

You easy to edit and delete your campaign. You click Export Google Ads Editor CSV to export the data in a CSV file  and your data will automatically be downloaded into a CSV then you use this file to import to Google Ads.

TubeTarget OTO

Here’s CSV file in my example:

TubeTarget Review

If all of points are not enough to you check out this product. Please watch demo video before you make decision.

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TubeTarget Review – Demo Video

TubeTarget OTO And Price

FETubeTarget Elite

TubeTarget One Time >>Official Sale Page<<

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Target Anybody You Want : Find your top competitors on YouTube & just take away their traffic.

Target Buyers With Precision : Get 100% precise and spot-on targeting for the highest quality, best converting traffic.

We’ll train you to do it : Our cutting edge video training shows you every dark trick.

Measurable results : Bring in sales & leads, conversions from day #1.

OTO 1: TubeTarget Pro Upgrade – $67

TubeTarget Review

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Get Unlimited Campaigns, Commercial License & Free Updates For 2 Years.With this powerful upgrade, your customers get these pro level features.

  • Create unlimited Campaigns for your ads.
  • Find unlimited monetized videos for any niche.
  • Find unlimited monetized channels for any niche.
  • Make unlimited campaign variations with different sorts of retargeting.
  • 2 years of free upgrades.
  • Commercial License gives you the permission to run campaigns for others and local businesses.
  • Enhanced targeting options to let you target on the basis of demographics, country, age, gender, etc.
  • Ready-made sales page that you can use to find clients for your service.
  • Powerful software for YouTube rank tracking. Monitor channels & videos and find the best performers.

OTO 2: TubeTarget Agency – $97

TubeTarget Review

TubeTarget Elite  >>Official Sale Page<<

TubeTarget Pro  >>Official Sale Page<<

Become a TubeTarget Agency owner and you can sell TubeTarget accounts with Elite or Pro level access.

Yes, the customers you bring will get all Elite or Pro level account features according to the agency plan you buy.

We charge $100s of dollars before our customers get that access when they buy directly.

How much can you charge?

Sell at a yearly fee, or charge every month. It’s totally up to you.

You make the sale yourself. Nothing is routed through us. Get your customers to pay you using Paypal, bank, bushels of grain or anything you want. Create their account using our Agency administrator console and they are ready to go.

Your Customers Get Everything

Your agency account gets your customers the full access. They get an in all-in access to every single thing we offer for the best price.Everything we got them. That includes

The software : You will get full access to the software and all the features unlocked.

The Training : You get full access to the industy’s top-of-the-line video marketing training.

The Membership : You can access all the features of the membership and manage their purchase.

Total Control Over Your Customer Accounts

You can create new customer logins with their emails, delete existing customers accounts or suspend their access. It’s all in your hand.

The powerful Agency control shows you how many customers you already have and how many more you can add.

Create A Recurring Revenue Stream

Sell today, and everyday. Keep selling those accounts. You could build up a recurring with 100s of customers.

Delighted customers paying you month after month, year after year.

How many sales can you make this week? 5, 10, 20? Think how that would affect your bottom line.

OTO 3: SiteContact Pro – $47 >>Official Sale Page<<

TubeTarget Review

Get fresh leads and start off conversations with your Site visitors on Facebook with this powerful software. Capture YouTube Traffic On Facebook The SiteContact Pro Advantage

  • Reach customers where they actually hang out
  • Get 100% inboxing
  • 7 times better open rate than emails
  • No passive subscribers. Every subscriber gets your message right on time
  • You had them on Facebook too!
  • The highest impact system to reach out to customers and leads.
  • Gets you instant feedback from customers.
  • Start and carry on conversations with your customers on Facebook.
  • Engage and involve your customers on a one-to-one basis.

OTO 4: Memester Pro – $27 >>Official Sale Page<<

TubeTarget Review

Monitor your and other people’s YouTube channels with this powerful rank tracking software that’s custom built for YouTube.

Here’re the features  of this OTO:

  • Create eye-catching titles on videos that make your viewers immediately stop scrolling and read through your entire content.
  • Conduct emoji based polls on Facebook and get exploding Facebook engagement for higher reach.
  • Make Click-bait style headlines on videos, to increase viewership and make every single one of your videos go viral.
  • Create both videos & GIFs to get max viewership over every connection type and device.
  • Integrate custom graphics & overlays over live videos for call to actions that compel viewers.
  • Search YouTube by Keywords and convert YouTube videos directly into video-memes.
  • Sync to multiple social media accounts from Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.
  • Create MP4 files or GIFs and distribute any way you want.
  • Post content for weeks ahead using with Full support for scheduling.
  • Turn portions or segments of videos into viral videos easily.
  • Get full reporting and control how your content is working

Check out Memester Pro Demo below:

Pros & Cons


  • User Friendly
  • 100% Cloud Base
  • Runs On All Devices
  • Training Course
  • Simple and affordable price
  • 24/7 Support
  • Better targeting than Facebook. Get your audience when they are looking for your product.
  • Still underexploited with plenty of room for growth and sales.
  • Find thousands of targeted videos in any niche and mass export them for instant targeting.
  • Find hundreds of popular and high authority channels in any niche and instantly create targeting.
  • Cheaper clicks and a bigger audience than any social media platform.
  • Included YouTube ads training makes it super easy for you to get started even if you have 0 skills today.
  • Create constantly evolving campaigns centered around niches or keywords.
  • Instantly create export files that can be imported in Google ads.


  • Don’t support other video platform as Vimeo, Dailymotion
  • You need to connect to Internet

Who Should Use It?

  • Ecom Marketers

Get cheaper ad traffic than Facebook and get more sales for the same investment.

  • Content Marketers

Build your audience with targeted traffic from YouTube and even create a powerful video blog.

  • Offline Businesses

YouTube could be the difference between looking for customers and customers looking for you. Advertise locally with your keywords & accurate targeting.

  • Social Media Marketers

YouTube is now the world’s biggest social network. If you want to be relevant, you want to be found on YouTube.

  • Affiliate Marketers

Build your audience with targeted traffic from YouTube and even create a powerful video blog.

  • Product Vendors

Advertise on the right videos and channels to get more exposure for your product and more sales too.


In summary, TubeTarget is the biggest innovation that makes YouTube ads marketing viable for smaller marketers who want to make every penny count. Get the RoI you’ve always deserved. So, if you are planning to revamp your placement campaigns then Tubetarget is for you.

Just book your spot soon as the discount will be expiring soon.

Once again thank for trust me. I hope my TubeTarget Review helps you make good decision

Bonuses From Vendor

Bonus #1: Promo Video Secrets Unleashed

TubeTarget Review

Create Highly Profitable, Short Promotional Videos Like a Pro!

Get access to 6 content packed videos that will show you step by step how to create a basic, yet professional promotional video to increase your product conversions.

Bonus #2: YouTube MegaProfits eBook

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Get to know all the inside tricks and tips to get #1 Youtube rankings fast and easy.

Build a highly profitable, income generating Youtube business with the most insightful and easy to implement inputs.

Get to know ALL there is to know about traffic on YouTube, optimizing the content, getting audience support, leveraging Social Media and even the pitfalls to avoid!

Bonus #3: FB Marketing Ninja

TubeTarget Review

A-Z guide to FB Marketing profits.

This latest and most effective Facebook Marketing Training Guide is designed to take you by the hand and walk you through the process of getting the most out of Facebook Marketing on behalf of your business.

Bonus #4: FB Engagement Starters RoadMap

TubeTarget Review

Just started out on FB marketing?

Then set the ball rolling with this short and easy to implement compilation for newbies to get engagement from your newbie FB marketing efforts.

No tech expertise required3, no complex and heavy on budget tips or tools. Simply effective and effectively simple tips to set your FB profits rolling.

Bonus #5: TubeProfits Sumo

TubeTarget Review

Put your YouTube profits on fire with custom ads and optins!

Here’s the best tool to help you monetize YouTube Videos With Ads or Opt-in’s!

Place custom made advertisements and even email opt-in forms on any embeddable YouTube video fast and easy with this wordpress plugin. Get ready to put your YouTube profits on fire with this one!

Bonus #6: Keywords Goldmine Jeet

TubeTarget Review

Find the perfect keywords for videos that will also rank on Google.

This powerful app lets you find which keywords don’t have a video ranking on Google yet, so you can target them and have an easy way to rank on top of Google with just a video.

Bonus #7: VideoEdit Ace

TubeTarget Review

Chuck those tools to create Slick videos

Creating stunning videos like pros will no longer require complex, multiple steps or learning to use complicated video editing software.

VideoEdit Ace helps you create and edit slick, high quality videos with professional look, in the most easy peasy steps! Get hold of it today and master it in 15 minutes!

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