Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Know About In 2019

When we come to doing marketing online to make an online business success, we will have to spend many time-consuming tasks such as creating marketing videos or viral videos, build landing page and sale funnel, create banner ads, build list email marketing, SEO or trying to generate leads every single day.

Even when we have all of the automated tools to perform these jobs, we will still have to spend a lot of time and effort to set up them. It also costs you an arm and a leg to charge monthly or yearly fees for these automated tools as well.

Thus, today I am excited to introduce top 8 digital marketing tool. I hope after you read this article, you’ll find worth tools.

AutomationBundle Deluxe

digital marketing tools

With AutomationBundle Deluxe, you will get 8 additional software automation tools.

Most of the 8 software is all new software, and never been officially launched before so you will get it first and will become step ahead of the competition.

You will also get the commercial license for all the apps in the package, so you can use all the apps for your client projects.

Some list of apps that you will get: Social Traffic Suite, Video Syndication Robot, Video Tag Finder, VidCompass App, GDPR Guard App, VideoRobot, VideoPal and StockNation (See more).


digital marketing tools

Sociible is a brand new web-app creates fully-automated social marketing campaign in minutes by leveraging other people’s authority content for unlimited and hands-free traffic leads and profits in any niche!

You and Your customer don’t have to pay for Ads, without Needing Any Experience, without an Owning Any Website or Technical knowledge and it’s as simple as 1-2-3: Create, Schedule, and Profits.

Let’s agree on one thing; everyone needs traffic, especially automated and free Traffic. Your customer is going to love you and thank you for promoting this brand new fully automated software (See details)


digital marketing tools

AI technologies are also creating key internal opportunities that drive better alignment between marketing and sales resulting in an increase in revenue and a healthy pipeline.

XMarketer is world’s first AI based sales system for any website, build on HTML or WordPress….

Together with the guys behind Xfunnels, HQWebinar, and Anirudh, XMarketer brings to you this revolutionary software that’ll change the way your customers do business ONLINE!

XMarketer redefine how you market products to your customers

Voicemails – Audio recorded messages directly from your website. Listen to your potential users, convert leads into sales.

Videomails – Exchange video recorded messages with your visitors. Improve engagement and boost revenue.

AI Bots and Emails – Qualify and engage budding users. Automate your marketing, make sales while you sleep (See more)


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Sqribble is truly the next generation of eBook design and creation technology at your fingertips. It’s loaded with expert templates, fantastic looking covers, and surprisingly, is totally bug-free. In reality, the whole procedure of creating an eBook with Sԛribble is satisfyingly easy and smooth.

However, perhaps most remarkable of all, Sqribble comes loaded with a group of unique and effective functions.

With Sqribble, you’ll never have to design or write a single word to create your best-selling eBook, report, guide, whitepaper or info product ever again! (See details)

Covert Messenger Pro V2           

digital marketing tools

Covert Messenger is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create cool instant messenger ads on your site – the ads will attract your visitors in & literally force them to click on any link you want!. With Covert Messenger, you can generate instant messenger type ads on your blog. This kind of ad is the most effective ad on your blog, period! It uses the familiar look of Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, ICQ, AIM, MSN… to get attention like nothing else will.

Covert Messenger Pro is completely updated and upgraded version for 2017 with great new features. See more here!


digital marketing tools

If you can crack the YouTube code, getting #1 rankings in their search engine you’re guaranteed a huge and ongoing income.  It’s like the holy grail of online marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Even though you might have TRIED making and ranking videos on YouTube…

The uncomfortable reality is: 

  • Making videos can be complicated, time consuming and expensive
  • Being on camera, for some people… just plain… sucks
  • You’re never really sure if you’re targeting the right keywords that will bring you results
  • You’re competing against the likes of Pewdiepie or Ellen who’s celebrity status leave you feeling like a squished ant

So even IF you can get a video created…

It’s unlikely to be seen anyway…

Which is why most people try video marketing at some point … and rapidly get bored.

Videtar’s video creation and YouTube Live traffic system is exactly what you need to not just get past the funk of so far… struggling to make videos that rank and get real eyeballs on your videos – and in front of the Internet’s MASSIVE audience (See more)


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85% to 90% of your web traffic is mobile based. Yet you’re trying to convert it using the same old tricks that don’t work.

  • Exit Intent – Doesn’t work
  • Pop ups – Doesn’t work

Finally, here’s something built specially for mobile phones.

Send Traffic Where You Want
Send traffic anywhere you want with 100% Mobile compatible banner ads and interstitial Mobile ads on your webpage.

Mobiflux is the most powerful mobile viral locker that Fores your visitors to get you even more visitor.

This’s 1st new product to really transform how your marketers treat their mobile traffic.

New WP Plugin Tabs Mobile Traffic and Gets 134 Leads for $6.75 in 4 Days. Drive traffic anywhere and Multiply It with this plug-‘n’-go WordPress Plugin (See more).


digital marketing tools

PixelModo is a cloud-based tool that lets you create Stunning Graphics, banners, ads, social media covers, capture and load any image or text from web pages directly into the editor, create Print on Demand Tshirt Graphics, access 2.5 million high quality images, pick a motivational quote from over 1+ million in stock.

With Pixelmodo, you’ll now be able to create stunning graphics in minutes. That means, no more designers and no more wasted time.

Beside of you can you millions of free high resolution background images, patterns, vectors and illustrations (See more)



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