Speaq Review – AI bot for creating amazing marketing videos

A Brief Introduction 

Hi all,

Video marketing is expensive.

Whether you’re outsourcing your video animation or editing, or using MULTIPLE video creation tools (often with monthly subscription fees)

…it eats into your monthly budget.

A buddy recommended I check out a new software called ‘Speaq’.

It’s an automated AI bot that GUIDES you to your very own done-for-you marketing video through a simple conversation.

Most video builders focus on 1 thing, and 1 thing only.

The making of the video.

But what about after that?

You spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to try and market that video to bring in leads and sales, right?

This is something most marketers struggle with.

Well this is kinda were Speaq turns from a ‘video builder’ into a video marketing MACHINE.

So instead of paying multiple subscriptions for multiple tools…

If you are interested in Speaq, please check out my Speaq review for the details. Cat it be worth your time, effort and money?

Speaq Review – Overview

Vendor:Brad Stephens
Launch Date:2019-Oct-28
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$37
Coupon Code:Check Now
Official Sale Page:https://meetspeaq.com/
Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

What Is Speaq?

Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively creating amazing marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats.

Interact with Speaq, answer his questions and have an amazing video delivered to you by the end of the conversation!

Here’s what Speaq can do for you:

  • Create BREATH-TAKING custom marketing videos from SIMPLE, guided conversations.
  • Go ‘Full-Auto’ and let Speaq create videos from ANY web link.
  • Your very own video marketing employee, Speaq works 24/7, 365 creating the BEST videos for your business!
  • Over 60+ top-converting video designs for Hollywood quality and unheard of engagement.
  • Create videos for ALL platforms (Speaq offers vertical AND square downloads for traffic on all social platforms).
  • Speaq creates videos for ALL major niches.
  • Effortless 100% customization so you can create the video the way YOU want it with UNLIMITED revisions.
  • Create videos by chatting to Speaq on your MOBILE DEVICE (100% mobile friendly)!
  • Unlimited access to a library of tens of thousands of royalty-free images…

Here’s how It Works

Step 1: Copy your unique shareable Speaq link

Step 2: Share it ANYWHERE and with ANYONE

Step 3: Anyone who clicks your link has their own guided chat with Speaq.

Step 4: Speaq creates a video based on THEIR answers and delivers it to them.

Step 5: He also collects payments directly from inside the SAME conversation

Speaq Review – Benefits

  • Sell Videos on Autopilot

Let your AI Speaq bot do the hard work for you by chatting with your customers, designing and producing their videos AND closing the sale.

  • Always Available On Mobile

A more convenient way to get videos done on the move for you and your clients! Speaq is always online.

  • Increases ROI Immediately

No more designer fees, outsourcing fees, animation fees, software monthly fees, revisions, waiting times and more.

Save on ALL fronts with this brand new CHEAPER way of creating videos.

  • You Don’t Need Any Videos to Get Paid!

Your customers don’t need any video marketing experience to get paid! They simply share the Speaq link with their clients, and Speaq will handle payments AND fulfillment for them!

  • Save Time & Money

Cancel your monthly subscriptions to outdated and expensive video platforms that require painful editing steps!

  • No Technical Skills Needed

Speaq guides your customer and client to a video that’s PERFECT and personalized for their business, no technical skills, editing or coding required.

  • 100% Cloud Based

No bulky downloads and updates required!

Speaq Review – Product Features

  • Video Creation Made EASY & FAST

Speaq takes everything that WAS hard about creating videos and turns it on its head.

Speaq guides you from start to finish with simple questions.

Based on your answers, by the end of the conversation he’ll deliver a fully done-for-you (…and market-ready) video!

  • EFFORTLESS Customization Or “Do Your Magic” Mode For A DFY Solution

Speaq gives you full control.

He’ll guide you through a simple conversation where you can customize EVERYTHING.

Or simply let Speaq make the decisions for you based on your niche & topic.

Either way, you have total control over your videos – and can make unlimited revisions until you’re thrilled with the results.

  • Over 60+ Top-Converting Video Designs

Speaq isn’t just an automated bot that makes videos…

He comes with the highest-calibre of proven-to-convert video designs for you to create breath-taking videos with.

  • Share Videos That MAXIMIZE Results On Any Platform

Download HD quality videos as vertical or square… the HIGHEST converting formats.

Exploit traffic from ANY social platform, while getting ultimate exposure to your websites, blogs and other online assets.

  • 100% Mobile Friendly For You AND Your Viewers

Every Speaq video you create displays PERFECTLY on all devices – desktop, mobile & tablet.

What makes it even better? This cloud-based solution makes it SIMPLE for you to MAKE videos from any device.

Want to record a video-on-the-fly from your phone or tablet? DONE.

Want to do it from the comfort of your desktop computer? Just as easy.

  • MASSIVE Library Of Royalty-Free Images

Speaq gives you unlimited access to a library of tens of thousands of royalty-free images…

Yours to use for NO EXTRA CHARGE in any video you create.

Use the included image library OR upload your own in ANY combination for truly unique marketing videos that set you apart from the competition!

  • Built-In Animations For Sky-High Engagement

Animated videos are PROVEN to maximize engagement.

Sadly many template-based software use cookie-cutter animations that look like amateur hour.

With Speaq, the PROFESSIONAL video designs have been developed by top-level designers and they are… SLICK.

Hollywood quality with NO need to customize OR pay expensive specialists.

Just plug in your details, and watch your videos JUMP off the screen.

  • No More Badly Matched Videos!

You know the nightmare I’m talking about.

Where you try and type text into a template field and when you hit ‘export’ the text is just all over the place!

Not with Speaq!

  • Your Very Own 24/7, 365 Video Marketing Employee

Speaq doesn’t take off-days.

He works around the clock as an employee for your business, creating the best videos.

  • Commercial License Included

Sell videos on autopilot to clients while Speaq does all the heavy lifting!


Speaq Review – My Experience In Using

In this section, I’m going to show you my experience when I was using Speaq. Before starting, I’d like to say that I already requested a review account to access to this product, so you can trust everything in my Speaq Review.

Let an AI robot do all the hard work for you, it’ll chat with customers, design videos, and close sales. All you need to do is to chat with the AI robots, answer a question and customize your video.

Firstly, I’ll login to speaq

Speaq Review

  • Get started by answering Hi

Speaq Review

  • Select your preferred category

Speaq Review

  • Select video type

Speaq Review

  • Enter Business name

Speaq Review

  • Decide on how you want to create video.

Speaq Review

  1. E-commerce Business: This type of business is for ecommerce products (Works best with Shopify stores, Ebay & Amazon links).
  2. Local Business: This type of business is for local marketers that own a completed Facebook Business page.
  3. Other: If you don’t own an eCommerce or a local business, no worries! I will help you to create an awesome video step by step. You will love it!
  • Select template

Speaq Review

You can see some awesome designs to show you. Now, you will choose the best one for your business

Speaq Review

  • Enter Product detailed URL

Speaq Review

  • Select images

Speaq Review

Here are images from speaq library

Speaq Review

  • You can decide whether to crop or not to crop images

Speaq Review

  • Customize video

Speaq allows you to customize your video by choosing the right colors and texts. After customizing, you click Done once done

Speaq Review

  • You can decide to change the music by adding your own music file

Speaq Review

  • If you’re good to go, click on the Yes button to proceed. The video rendering will start and you’ll need to wait for it to be completed.

Speaq Review

If all of point above are not enough to you check out speaq, please walk through the demo video before you make decision.


Speaq Review – Demo Video

Pros & cons


  • Effortlessly drive more traffic, leads & sales with stunning marketing videos DFY in minutes WITHOUT templates.
  • First and ONLY platform that not only BUILDS videos from simple conversations… Even works on ALL mobile devices.
  • Have custom marketing videos created FOR you simply by chatting with the built-in A.I. bot… ZERO tech skills or experience needed!
  • Turn ANY website link into a video in seconds – convert ANY web link into a top-converting video just by pasting the URL into the software
  • Use included FULL agency rights to hand your special Speaq link to ANYONE! Speaq will handle the rest. Automated video creation, delivery, payments… Everything.
  • FINALLY, you don’t need videos or traffic to get paid! SIMPLY Share ONE link to start creating and selling videos with Speaq.


I have not discovered yet

Speaq Review – Main Problems Solved by Speaq

#1 – Playing the Field-Matching Game
Up until now, most video platforms have had pre-made video templates. Your customers needed to intricately fill in multiple text fields, price points, CTAs, upload images, perhaps edit colors and add a background track.
They’d then cross fingers, and hope for the best that nothing overlapped and the video actually looked like the template when they downloaded it.
This would often end up in a badly orchestrated video for their business, or their clients.
Speaq solves this problem by offering an easier, more intuitive way of creating videos. Point-and-click simplicity allows your customer to create a video exactly how they want it while being guided by the Speaq bot. No technical skills needed!
Your very own guided experience to a beautiful marketing video – all through a simple conversation with Speaq.
Problem: Hard to match fields to video templates.
Solution: New, intuitive way of creating videos through a simple conversation (guided).
#2 – The Annoyed Client 
When providing video services to clients, you generally need to find them, pitch them, close them and then fulfil the video delivery.
What usually results is an annoyed client contacting you in the middle of the night because they want revisions made or aren’t happy with the video.
Speaq solves this problem by allowing your customer to share a unique Speaq link with their client.
When their client clicks this link, it’ll open Speaq (works on desktop and all mobile devices) and the client can have a conversation with Speaq.
Speaq will guide them to an amazing video EXACTLY how THEY want it (no more guesswork on behalf of clients). This is delivered to the client at the end of the conversation – based on THEIR answers.
This is all done without your customer needing to be involved at all. 
Speaq even has a feature to collect payments before the delivery of the video!
So your customers can automate fulfilment, delivery and payment using one simple link.
Problem: Annoyed client requesting revision after revision.
Solution: Speaq lets them interact directly with the Speaq bot and they get a video delivered based on their answers (exactly how they want it).
#3 – Needing a Business or Experience to Make Money Using Video Software
Speaq offers a unique opportunity to your customers. They don’t need to have a business or video marketing experience to make money with this software.
We’re offering commercial rights on the front end, and your customers can profit from this software by offering it to people with existing businesses (leverage existing businesses needing videos). 
Not only that, they don’t need to create or deliver files – Speaq handles it for them.
Truly, no technical skills or video experience needed and no headaches in the process.
Problem: No business or video experience.
Solution: Agency rights included on the FE for your customers to offer Speaq to clients.
#4 – The Traffic Dilemma 
Creating videos that get zero traffic or views is a huge issue. With so many video builders on the market – more videos are being created than ever before.
…which brings us the the #1 issue in video right now. No one knows how to generate traffic or make money from these videos. 
Well, what if your customers could make money from video marketing without: 
– Ever worrying about how many views their videos get anymore. 
– Ever creating a video manually ever again.
Using Speaq, this problem is solved because your customers get their very own unique shareable bot link (HUGE alternative to trying to make personal videos – although Speaq does that too):
They can share this anywhere! Anyone who clicks that link, will open a new conversation with Speaq.
Speaq will build your customers’ clients a video based on THEIR unique conversation, deliver the video to them AND receive payments from them before they can download the video.
Your customers can create YouTube videos about video marketing, and put this in the description. They can run Facebook ads and have this as the URL. They can send an email broadcast and hyperlink this inside their email (or have it in their signature of every email they send). 
Open Link → Conversation with Speaq → Video is Created → Collect Payment → File is Delivered.
They can simply hand their link to clients and let them build their own videos. Speaq will handle the rest. Automated creation, delivery, payments… Everything – for anyone who clicks their unique Speak link.
The possibilities are endless.
Problem: No traffic/views to their videos.
Solution: Shareable link that turns video MAKING into an automated VIDEO MARKETING MACHINE.
speaq scam

Speaq Review – OTO & Price

Speaq Front End 

Option 1: Personal License >>More Details<<

Option 2: Commercial License >>More Details<<

The front end will be offering both personal and commercial licenses (the commercial being the no-brainer). It gives them the opportunity to create videos for themselves AND for clients. 
Improved Video Creation
Speaq guides your customers to create their own videos from an automated conversation! Based on their answers, he’ll deliver a custom marketing video by the end of the short chat! Not only does it create AMAZING videos, it’s a completely guided experience with no technical skills or training videos needed!
The Speaq bot also has a feature where during the conversation, it can ask for your customer (or their client) to paste in ANY link (such as an eCom product page, Facebook page etc) and it’ll create a video as simply as that. 
The HUGE Opportunity***
Speaq doesn’t just create videos from conversations, he automates video marketing as a whole system. 
Every Speaq customer gets their own unique link. They can share this link anywhere and anyone who clicks it will be able to have their own conversation with Speaq to create THEIR own video based on THEIR answers. 
Speaq will then create their unique video, deliver it to them AND collect payments on your customer’s behalf.
That’s why we’re offering full commercial rights on the FE. 
Automated video creation, delivery and payments –> by sharing one link with a client! 
Open Link → Conversation with Speaq → Collect Payment → File is Delivered.
Full automation on the front end!

Speaq Personal License – $37

  • Create Videos From Conversations
  • Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link
  • 100 Renders Per Month
  • 60+ Video Designs Included
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape)
  • Full Video Customization
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices)

Speaq Commercial License – $47

  • FULL Client/Agency Rights – Sell Videos on Autopilot
  • Shareable Bot Link (250 Shares)
  • Create Videos From Conversations
  • Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link
  • 1,000 Renders Per Month
  • Get Paid Inside Conversation (Collect Payments)
  • 60+ Video Designs Included
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape)
  • Full Video Customization
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices)
Speaq OTO #1 – Pro License – $67  >>More Details<<
The first upgrade is the pro license. Your customers can upgrade to unlimited videos, hosting, renders, agency rights and more. They also are able to upgrade to be able to share their bot link an unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB pages, Groups, YouTube etc). 
They also get their own client management dashboard, front-of-the-queue rendering (VIP faster rendering) as well as training and templates for finding, pitching and closing clients!
  • Unlimited Videos & Hosting
  • Unlimited Renders
  • Share Your Bot Link Unlimited Times (Paste Anywhere!)
  • Unlimited Agency/Client Rights (Unlimited Video Selling)
  • Shareable Links Work Inside Messenger, FB Pages, Groups, YouTube and more (Traffic Expansion Pack)
  •  Sub-User/Client Management Dashboard
  • Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)
  • Training on How to Find & Sell Speaq to Clients
  • Email Templates for Selling Speaq to Clients
Speaq OTO #2 – Expansion Package – $67 >>More Details<<

The second upgrade is an expansion package. This upgrade will give your customers extra video designs, longer video designs (if they want to create videos up to 1 minute instead of shorter videos), extra video formats (such as FB cover video designs) and anytime new video designs are released, your customers will have them automatically added to their accounts.

  • Extra Video Designs (25+)
  • Longer Video Designs Added (Create Longer Videos Up to 1 Minute)
  • Extra Video Formats (FB Cover Designs)
  • New Video Designs Automatically Added to Accounts When Released
Speaq OTO #3: Resellers Package

The third upgrade is a resellers package. Your customers will not only be able to create Speaq videos for themselves and sell videos directly to clients – with this upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as they ability for them to integrate their own payment processor so they have control over their sales.

Resellers Package – $147

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 50 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

Resellers Package – $297

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 250 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

Resellers Package – $497

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 500 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor
Speaq OTO #4 – 3 Extra Best-Selling Video Apps ($497) >>More Details<<

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

  • Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • All 3 Sales Pages Included
  • All 3 Sales Videos Included
  • Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand

Speaq Review – Final Thought

Speaq simplifies video creation in the easiest way possible – through a conversation!

Create breath-taking UNIQUE marketing videos simply by answering his questions, OR go ‘full-auto’ and let him work his OWN magic! and by the end of your short chat with Speaq, he’ll deliver a FULL done-for-you video.

Video marketing just became EASIER, FASTER and more profitable!

The entire experience is guided by Speaq, zero technical skills needed! Heck, you don’t even need to watch a training video!

Don’t forget the HUGE point that each video is created based on YOUR answers.

This guarantees every single video is completely unique to YOU


Speaq Review – Bonuses From Vendor

All these bonuses are delivered inside the Speaq members area!

Bonus #1: Writing Script Formula for Video Ads

Speaq Review

There’s an oldie but a goody in copywriting that everyone who is creating content for their business should know: A-I-D-A. It’s a simple formula that’s designed to grab people’s attention and take them through your content to the point that they take action on what they’ve read. We breakdown this formula which is a perfect newbie-friendly approach to writing great content.

Bonus #2: How to Collect Leads INSIDE Facebook Video Ads

Speaq Review

Facebook video ads are without any doubt one of the most valuable ad formats available to Facebook advertisers. On this guide, we go step by step in action on how to do that reduce ad spend collect more leads and improve your ROI through video ads.

Bonus #3: Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

Speaq Review

This guide focuses on each and every aspect related to video marketing from creating a video to marketing it and also calculating the success of your marketing campaign. It is an ebook for in-depth knowledge of video marketing.

Bonus #4: Growth Marketing Hacks for Small Business Owners

Speaq Review

Simple to implement marketing hacks to grow your business in a short amount of time. Marketing, in particular, is a constant challenge for many business owners. These hacks will help you stay on top of the game and never worry about your marketing.

Bonus #5: High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet

Speaq Review

This proven cheatsheet will reveal the steps you need to take in order to close High-Ticket Clients, without wasting your precious time on unqualified leads.

Bonus #6: Personal Branding Secrets in 2019

Speaq Review

This proven cheatsheet will reveal the steps you need to take in order to close High-Ticket Clients, without wasting your precious time on unqualified leads.

Bonus #7: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools

Speaq Review

There are a dozen of free online marketing tools out there that aren’t worth the time that it takes to test them. Therefore we’ve personally curated a list of 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools that will help you take your business to the next level.

Bonus #8: 400+ Power Words to Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today

Speaq Review

People are moved by power words. They get us to click, share and buy – what more could a marketer want!

This list of 400+ Power Words will trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad. Therefore more sales for you!

Bonus #9: The Advanced Copywriting Formula

Speaq Review

This guide will help you write all your copy faster and with greater likelihood of success. You should be using these formulas whenever you write everything. It eliminates the guesswork that makes a lot of bad copy.

Bonus #10: Influencer Scripts – How To Reach Out To Influencers So That They Can’t Say No

Speaq Review

We reached out to hundreds of marketing experts and compiled a list of exclusive scripts for creating addictive content.

Every single one of those scripts came from direct communication with those experts, and the content we created was seen and shared by some really influential marketers.

Speaq Review –  My Special Bonus

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step #1: Order Speaq through my siteStep #2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

Email: nzoe2018@gmail.com or contact me on this page.

Step #3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content Apps

Speaq Review

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Speaq Review

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

Speaq Review

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