ProFlipperz Review – ProFlipperz Coupon Code & Bonuses

ProFlipperz Coupon Code & Overview

Vendor:Craig Crawford
Launch Date:2021-Jan-12
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$29
ProFlipperz Coupon Code:50%
Official Sale Page:
Affiliate Network:WarriorPlus

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What is ProFlipperz?

ProFlipperz is a arbitrage system that will show you how to make money by buying & selling household products locally, nationally & from retail arbitrage.

This is a software that runs alongside the course, helping users to save time, money & effort along with getting the crucial information their businesses need when “out in the field”.

The front end component of software includes a mobile App on Android/IOS and gives users the motivational tools to turn Flipping into a serious business!

ProFlipperz mobile app helps you do pricing research from any barcode, stores your frequent searches, manages your tasks/to do’s, & even allows you to list products for sale on multiple platforms at once!

Motivation is the key to successful long term flipping so we will be providing what your subscribers need with the membership: monthly “Top Niche” videos, monthly newsletters, weekly tips, motivation text & email reminders, top flip alerts, and buddy system for accountability.

The SECOND Upgrade is a custom built spreadsheet that helps users track their sales, hours spent, work out market trends & what products make them the most money + keep track of expenses for your accounts.
The FINAL Upgrade is Steve’s pre-flip checklist & calculator which helps subscribers avoid costly mistakes by reviewing the checklist every flip and quickly plug in info to know your estimated profit before you buy!

Proflipperz Review

Features Of Profilpperz

Pro Course

A full proof system for your customers to learn how to flip products easily and for amazing profits. No minimum time requirements or limitations to how much they can make, it’s only limited by their ability to learn the different niches and grow their flippin’ muscles!

Intro/Basic Course covering the following topics:

  • Introduction

Facebook Group (All members group), My Email, Overview of Flipping

  • Creating Accounts & Navigating Each Market

Setup and Navigating Facebook, eBay, Craigslist

  • How to start with $0 and no automobile

Free stuff, Look around you, Work with others

  • Deciding what items to flip and how to find them

What to start flipping first, using searches & filters, product & price research, center of influence, auctions

  • The Art of Negotiation and Closing the Deal

Knowing what to offer, communication & clarity, customer service, speed low-ball approach

  • How to sell your items on each marketplace

Selling on Facebook, eBay, Craigslist, Cross Market, Same Market

  • Managing Your Flipping Business

Incorporate?, Bankroll Management, Space/Time/Money

  • Advanced Selling Techniques

Amazon Store Basics, Post Items Before Possession, Selling Bulk vs Single, Knowing When to Trade

  • Downsides to Flipping

Rude Customers, Don’t get stuck!, Scammers, Hurry Up and Wait

  • Conclusion

Recap, Feedback, What’s Next?

TxtVideo 2.0 Review

Mobile App

Proflipperz Review

Lifetime access to current version of ProFlipperz Mobile App (No updates included)

  • Additional Marketplaces

Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Depop

  • Inventory Management

Centralize your changes to listings (Price changes, Sold out Items, etc)

  • Custom ProFlipperz Store

Host your own .com with our custom WordPress theme and store builder

  • Dashboards & Metrics

Proflipperz OTOs & Pricing

OTO 1: Commerce Club & Mastermind

1 month Mini-boot (The four pillars) camp which is weekly live mastermind training inside an exclusive fb group the content put into a membership area to access afterwards.

Consists of four weeks training:
Week 1: Introduction & Overview
What is Flipping and Why? – Common Market Stats, Love what you do by flipping what you love, unlimited potential just based on what niches you can learn

Review of Flip Products Like A Pro Course

Examples of Flipping Niches – Auto/Motorcycle Parts (Used or New), Pallets, Collectables (Star Wars, Action Figures, Comics)

Week 2: Goals, Planning, & Execution
Goals – What are your goals, most successful when you match your lifestyle and financial needs/goals, example of Steve’s goals for flipping and even personally

Planning – Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
Execution – Hardest part is getting started, Getting past first road bumps (bad deal, communication issues, closing deals),

Just get started now!
Week 3: Retail Arbitrage Vs Online Arbitrage
Retail Arbitrage – Local Retail Stores, Clearance, Seasonal, Less Competitive than Online, Low Start Up Costs
Online Arbitrage – Online marketplaces (Retail included still possibly), Much High Supply, More Competition, More Possibilities
Warehousing Concerns – Local, friends/family, FBA
Week 4: Marketplace Capitalization
Facebook Findings – New Age Negotiation, Numbers Game, Messaging Limits, Seller Limits, Best Items To Sell eBay Extras – Old But Still Good, Pay For Marketing, Auction Action, Listing Templates
Etsy Essentials – WooCommerce Wonders –
BONUS Week 5: Interview with an eCom Superstar
Knowing what to offer, communication & clarity, customer service, speed low-ball approach

OTO 2: ProFlipperz Academy & App Updates

Flip Products Like A Pro Course – Outline in FE
Advanced Store Configuration
Market Specific Videos
ProFlipperz Twist/Pallets with Craig Auto/Motorcycle Parts with Steve Recreational Vehicles with Brian
Niche Training
Facebook Findings – New Age Negotiation, Numbers Game, Messaging Limits, Seller Limits, Best Items To Sell eBay Extras – Old But Still Good, Pay For Marketing, Auction Action, Listing Templates
Etsy Essentials –
WooCommerce Wonders –
Lead into BONUS Week 5
Interviews – Students & Pros Steve to Interview Students

Brian Sherrin – Novice Flipper, over $32k PROFIT since June 2020, Has Business and Shop now, Going Full Time in 2021
Eddie Perez – Experienced with flipping but started again with my training, flipped Segways for $12k profit on one deal
Cory Thayne – Only sold 1 item so far, just getting started and having trouble
Craig Crawford – Experienced businessman and marketer, found pallet niche and taking game to whole new level


Craig’s interview with ProFlipperz Pro Steve Hitson
Craig to find eCom Superstar!
Steve to interview Etsy Pro Jordan Gross

ProFlipperz Bonuses 

Bonus #1: Access to Advanced Selling Training

ProFlipperz Review
Now, I almost did not include this… because it’s for determined and serious flippers only.

But if you have ever wondered what separates average flippers who cannot crack the 5-figure per month mark… from the “rock stars” who have 7- and even 8-figure empires

Then this bonus will definitely point you in the right direction. Note that this training is NOT sold publicly, and there’s NO other way you could get your eyes on it except by getting your hands dirty and figuring these things on your own.

But today, you are getting access to this special training for FREE with your purchase of The ProFlipperz.

4 lessons included in this special version of Flip Products Like A Pro course covering the following topics of Advanced Selling:
Amazon Store (4:35) –
⦁ Likes
⦁ FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can be used to avoid needing own storage facility
⦁ Popularity of Amazon gives you the best chance to sell popular items for the best price and the quickest.
⦁ Dislikes
⦁ FBA Inventory cannot easily be sold in other markets, must do self-fulfillment to keep items available but then items will not be seen under Prime shipping…
⦁ Approval Process – Upfront for the store and then also needing to be ungated on the different categories and brands.
⦁ Niche Examples
⦁ Couple doing books
⦁ Retail Arbitrage
⦁ General Amazon Management Process
How to Sell Items Before Possession (4:09) –
⦁ Item you are purchasing
⦁ Quickest way to flip something is sell it before you get it!
⦁ Use pictures from previous seller (if possible)
⦁ Relist as you are going to pick it up or at least before you head home after picking it up
⦁ Beware of the possible consequences that could lead to losing your deal
⦁ Sell someone’s item for them
⦁ Sell the items from the other person’s house after you have negotiated a price
⦁ Example – My Brothers FREE Truck
Knowing How to Sell Items (Bulk vs Single) (6:09) –
⦁ Lots of items are just sold incorrectly
⦁ Bulk sale items you can separate properly
⦁ Collections that you can complete and sell properly together
⦁ Examples
⦁ Full Weight Set w/ Rack, Bar, and Bench – Bought for $130, sold separately and sold for total of $615
⦁ Free Table & Chairs – Made $80 selling separately for $40 each
⦁ Star Wars Steelbook Set – Bought a set and sold separately on eBay for 3x my initial investment of $80
⦁ How you list your items is important including your pictures and presentation
⦁ Look on eBay for sold items that sold for the most, compare your items to theirs or copy their listing
Knowing When to Trade (2:55) –
⦁ Trading can be very lucrative
⦁ Recreational vehicles are very commonly traded
⦁ You will get offers for trades even when you are not trying to
⦁ Right place at the right time
⦁ Beware of not knowing the item well enough and getting stuck with a bad item

Bonus #2: Exclusive List of Apps For Flippers

ProFlipperz Review
Inside you get access to a digital list of the most powerful apps used by the expert flippers! These apps will give you an edge and place you head and shoulders above your competition!

All yours at absolutely no cost to you.

Bonus #3: Lifetime Access to Exclusive ProFlipperz Community Facebook Group

ProFlipperz Review

A place where you can learn from other members who share their flips and success stories, helping each other out!

A place where you can connect with the top deal makers in the industry, ask questions and get answers needed to grow your flippin’ skills quickly!

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