How Can I Earn $100 Money Online Per Day?

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I’m a senior developer but I like to make money online therefore I’ve joined affiliate groups and forums to look chances.

But I saw that almost fake and scam websites, no chance, no money and you’ll be lost money if you follow them.

It’s funny when you want to make money without investment.

So why not you spent time or money to learn and research?

Because If you’ve not knowledge, you may end up the bottom.

In fact, I’ve used google and YouTube to search free eBooks, blogs, and videos.

But they are basic knowledge and specific.

It’s wasn’t easy to make money so I had bad investments but I’ve receive experience.

I’m 3 years in the industry of online marketing before I made 100$ per day.

I did all what all the advice I could find online but never earned a single dollar.

I try all the ways how to make money online from blogging, eBook ,videos… You name it.

I didn’t fail because I didn’t work hard. I failed because I lack the knowledge, the important knowledge to succeed.

So, how do I make $ 100 per day?

After falling for many advises in which I admit I lack the knowledge, I’ve joined training courses and become a affiliate marketer.

it wasn’t really easy to promote products and get commission from them.

Firstly, I’ve taken part in a affiliate network and search high quality products.

After that I’ve built authority sites.

It’s easy to build a website with WP because you only need to buy hosting, domain and click.

But I faced a problem how to SEO and promote my site?

I’ve research keywords and develop content around these keywords.

In addition, I used social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn…) to publish my content.

Firs year, I was making $200/month

Second year, $300/month

Third year, $600-$700/month

And now, $70-$100/month

This is my income per day

earn $100 money online per day

So my advice …

If you want become successful marketer, I think you should learn these in order:

* Basic in marketing

* Digital marketing

* Copy/writing

* Sales Funnel

* Email marketing

* Social media marketing.

* Google Ads


Always remembers that you should always learn and study to get new knowledge.

And now, I’ve been joining a training course which combines the experiences of 30 top successful marketer.

Besides, when you join this course, you’ll be used the content of 10K quality reviews everywhere like Facebook, YouTube… and a powerful  software which help you automatically generate blog posts and videos and post them to directly your blogs.

If you are interested in this course, click here to visit the website for details.


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