Leadmodo review- A game changer for your business

A Brand New Software That Allows You To Build Unlimited Messenger Leads Using The Power of Engagement – Quizzes, Polls and Surveys


LeadModo review

As following  recent researches, the Email Marketing is NOT as effective as it used to be. It’s hard to tell the difference between the INBOX and SPAM/JUNK Folders.

The customers have moved to another platform that is Facebook.

And with Facebook Messenger, you have the opportunity to CASH IN while the opportunity is STILL HOT!

True…It has been there for quite a few years, but the recent explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence and Bots have tremendously helped the Facebook Messenger become the #1 platform for businesses.

But people are still too afraid to move resources from traditional marketing methods that have proven to work until now…

Because they do not know how to get the leads to subscribe to their Messenger List and Facebook Messenger is still seen by nearly all your customers as a very PRIVATE space which is open to only a select few(i.e. only those who are friends with them on Facebook).

Don’t worry! Read Leadmodo review, you will know why Leadmodo resolve problem above.

Why could Leadmodo help you ?

Because 82% of Facebook users that notice a quiz shared by a friend will go on to take that quiz themselves.

In 2015, nine of the ten most-engaged stories on Facebook were quizzes. The combined number of shares of those nine quizzes was 10 million, and one quiz alone had over 1.9 million interactions. And follow TrackMaven reported that quizzes have the highest click-to-conversion rates.

Base on the researches above, Neil Napier, and along with Aidan Corkery and Yves have created LeadModo to help you could effectively marketing on Facebook messenger.

What is Leadmodo?

Leadmodo is new SaaS Technology Gets You Highly targeted Messenger Quiz, Survey and Poll Leads – On Complete Autopilot. It will combine The Power Of Engagement And ManyChat To Turn ALL Your Website Visitors Into Hot Leads Instantly.

Leadmodo features?

  • Quiz Builder

This feature help you create your own custom quiz or choose from one of our tested and proven quiz templates.

LeadModo review

  • Custom Start Page

Customer  to your visitors and warm them up even before they get to your product or offer by striking up a conversation that they would most likely respond to. Ask your audience a question by choosing a quiz title that will peak interest, and leave them wanting for more.

  • Custom Landing Page

If you don’t have website? No problem, whenever you create a quiz we allow you to create your custom landing page for that quiz which you can then share on social networks.

  • URL Redirect

Once your visitors have finished answering the questions on your quiz, survey or poll, you can redirect to your sales pages and offers based on their results. You can pre-determine what you’d like to offer someone who has chosen a particular answer to a given question on the quiz.

  • Image Based Answers

You are not restricted to including only text and written questions when you prepare your quiz, survey and poll. Make your quiz more interactive and engaging by adding images in place of boring text as answers to questions and vice-versa.

LeadModo review
  • Lead Capture Form

Beautiful forms to help you capture email addresses (real ones…that are connected to your users Facebook accounts) and phone numbers and store them into your autoresponder automatically.

  • Embed & Share

Embed your quizzes, polls and surveys on various websites without any limitation using our embedded function of quizzes. Leadmodo also allows you to share your quizzes on more than 30 social platforms.

  • Inline Embed Code

An Inline embed code helps you to increase lead capture by adding quizzes on your homepage or any other page like a blog, ecommerce or website.

  • Popup Embed Code

The moment your visitors arrive on your homepage, a pop-up appears with your quiz, survey or poll. And no…you don’t need to know how to code. You just need to copy the embed code and paste it in your WP admin area.

  • Exit popup code

Just when your visitors are about to leave to (most probably) never come back….an exit popup appears with your quiz. Ask your visitors why they have decided to leave and improve your chances of still converting them into leads and sales.

  • Pixel Tracking

Leadmodo seamlessly integrates with various pixel code trackers such as Google Adwords Pixel, Facebook pixel, Bing ad pixel, Twitter pixel etc.

  • Customize your Quiz

Choose colors and fonts that will display your brand. Add your logo to personalize your quiz, survey or poll further. Everything is drag-n-drop simple.

  • A/B Split Testing

Easily split test things like quiz start page, length, offers, copy, colors, and more…to see what works best for you and brings in highest number of leads and sales.


  • Build Unlimited Messenger Leads Using The Power of Engagement – Quizzes, Polls and Surveys
  • ManyChat Integrated

This feature allows you to you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support. You can then integrate it on the quiz, survey or poll that you create using LeadModo.

  • Connect with your visitors in REAL-TIME

Start an automated conversation instantly. Take manual control of the conversation at any point you like. Send text, images, cards, galleries, audio, video, files, and more…

  • Create a custom menu with automated replies

Use this for FAQ’s, screening questions for qualifying leads and pre-selling to your leads. By the time you get on a one-to-one chat with your leads they’ll be looking for the ‘Buy Button’ already.

  • Automate actions or send messages based on keywords

You have the full-control of how and where you want to steer the conversation. Hold your visitors by the hand (literally) and take them where they want to go…to your offers.

  • Reach out to your list

Use Live Chat tool to manage conversations from your page. Answer queries, help and provide A class service to your customers and turn them into life-long customers.

  • Leadmodo has proven to immensely benefit…


What Can All You Do With Leadmodo For Your Business?

LeadModo review

LeadModo review

Price & Evaluation

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Leadmodo review – Conclusion

Usually there will be a listing of Pro’s and Cons, maybe some customer complaints or testimonials from satisfied customers, and either a harsh ‘THUMB DOWN‘, or a positive ranking. I hope you understand that I cannot give you any of these at this time, but I promise to update this article as soon as I have done the implementation and testing of the features.

If you are a marketer or marketing online and you are still too afraid to move resources from traditional marketing methods. I think you should use Leadmodo to begin with new platform marketing.

But as I said this early bird special is very time limited. It may be closed down at ANY time & The price will go up very soon! And you will certainly not see multi and developer’s licenses included at such low a price, ever again! So take action right now!

That’s it with my rant of the day. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions or comments, please leave word on your way out and I will get back with you within 24 hours.

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