Sendiio Review – My Guides And Tips To Use Effectively Sendiio

Hi all,

My name is Nzoe, I’m 28 years old and I’ve online business.

I spend most of my time in front of a computer and my phone to respond my emails, SMS, Facebook messengers from my customers.

Because there are too much emails, SMS, FB message from my customer.

So it’s difficult to mange and enough time to support my customer.

I share my problem to my friend.

Fortunately, my friend suggested me use Sendiio.

He sent to me a test link of this product and I run this test before selecting Sendiio.

And now I’m using Sendiio to create, send and auto respond emails, SMS, FB message to my customer.

In general, Sendiio has no problem for all and it has combined Email, Text and FB Messenger under one dashboard which one will allow you to login to your different accounts every morning (and BEFORE you even finish your cup of coffee) and create more profit.

In this article, I’ll show you my guide and tips to use sendiio.

Please check out my sendiio review before selecting. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Sendiio Introduce

We all know that email marketing is STILL one of the most profitable marketing channels

We also know that text messages get a 98% open rate within the first two minutes..

And we also know that FB messenger gets a 100% inbox rate AND is the BIGGEST messaging platform online..

But it’s too hard to combine three platform into one central dashboard to decrease your time and effort.

Well, Sendiio allows you to do just that.

It allows you to easily profit from from  email marketing, text message marketing AND FB messenger!

And you can do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Import your lists and create your campaign
2. Send (or schedule) your campaign
3. Sit back and enjoy your profits

And right now, you can gain access to Sendiio for ZERO monthly fees.

You no longer have to login to THREE different platforms to reach your target customers.

You can now login to just ONE dashboard and skyrocket your profits.

So what is Sendiio?

Sendiio is the 1st and ONLY autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard – at a ONE-TIME price!

Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in ONE PLACE! They no longer have to wonder if email is best, text is best or facebook messenger is best.

The fact is: THEY ALL WORK and are ALL EXTREMELY Profitable! And they can now tap into ALL of them and maximize their profits!

Sendiio Features

Sendiio provide 3 features without ever paying a monthly fee:

  • Create and Send Unlimited Email Campaigns
  • Create and Send Unlimited Text Message Campaigns
  • Create and Send Unlimited Facebook Messenger Campaigns
  • You see can more the features and video demo here

Sendiio Benefits

  • Create UNLIMITED Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Facebook and Text Message Campaigns
  • Easily Import UNLIMITED Emails AND Phone Numbers
  • ZERO Monthly FEES During our Charter-members opening
  • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Agency Access Included
  • Easily skyrocket your profit through the power of Email marketing, SMS, FB messenger

How To Use Email Feature

My Tip:

Sendiio provides step – by – step tutorials, these tutorials will help you use sendiio feature.

You only access to sendiio dashboard and then expand Tutorials Item In  The Left Menu > select tutorial item to learn.

Step 1: Login Sendiio

sendiio review

After login, you can see sendiio central dashboard as below:

sendiio review

The left menu is used to manage emails and SMS, Facebook feature and it’s divided 5 parts that are Help, Email, SMS, Facebook, Subusers.

  • Step 2: Create new list

In left menu, you scroll to email part > Select List Management Item  > Select Add List  > Enter Needed Information (List name, description…) > Click Create button to create new list

sendiio review

Step 3: Import and add email contacts 

  • From Central Dashboard, you scroll down to Quick Actions > Select Emails > My Emails screen.

Or Go to left menu, Click Emails Management > Select My Emails > My Emails screen is displayed.

In my emails screen, you select:

  • “Add Email” if you want to add new email address to your list.
  • Import Emails if you want to import Email Contacts from the files

sendiio review

Step 4: Create Email Campaigns

  • One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

With Sendiio, you can create an UNLIMITED amount of one-time broadcast email campaigns as well! Use these to send out a quick announcement, send out a special promotion, or ANYTHING you’d like!

From Left Menu In Central Dashboard, you scroll down to email part > Expand Broadcasts Management > Add Broadcast  > Add New Broadcast Screen is displayed > And now, you can make your campaigns

sendiio review

  • Create Sequence Campaigns

From Facebook > Select Sequences Management > Add New Sequence

sendiio review

Step 5: Send Email without monthly fees

In order to send email without monthly fees, you need to have SMTP accout.

  • Add  SMTP domain


sendiio review

  • Add SMTP Accounts


sendiio review

  • Schedule System To Send Email Campaigns


sendiio review

How To Use SMS Feature

My Tip: In order use SMS feature you need to Twilio account. Because Sendiio is integrated with one of the TOP platforms for delivering your text campaigns directly to your subscribers mobile device

Step 1: Login Sendiio( see How To Use Email Feature)

  • Step 2: Create new phone list

In left menu, you scroll to SMS part > Select List Management Item  > Select Add List  > Enter Needed Information (List name, description, Phone numbers…) > Click Create button to create new list

sendiio review


Step 3: Create SMS Campaigns

  • Sequence Campaigns

In SMS part, Select Sequences Management and then click Add Sequence to create sequence Campaigns.


sendiio review

  • One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

In SMS part, Select Broadcasts Management > click Add Broadcast to create One-time Broadcasts Campaigns

sendiio review


Step4: Send SMS text

Sendiio have a fully-flexible scheduling system that will allow you to schedule your campaigns to be sent out immediately OR schedule it for the next day or as far out as you’d like

sendiio review

How To Use Facebook Feature

Step 1: Login Sendiio( see How To Use Email Feature)

Step 2: Connect Fan Pages

From Facebook > Pages > Add New Page

sendiio review

After that Sendiio automatically adds them as a messenger subscriber that you can immediately start sending messages to.

Step 3: Create campaigns

  • Create Up Facebook Messenger Sequence

From Facebook > Select Sequences Management > Add New Sequence

sendiio review

  • Create One-Time Messenger Broadcast Messages

From Facebook > Select Broadcasts Management > Add New Broadcast

sendiio review

Step 4: Send FB Messages

It’s the same as SMS, Email Feature, You can run your FB campaign immediately or schedule it for the future.

sendiio review


In a nutshell, Sendiio is truly a Profit POWERHOUSE – Not only does it let you profit from the 3 most profitable marketing channels for yourself  and for your clients.

You can use Sendiio for anything you’re doing online.

This product has no problems at all.

I hope the Sendiio Review will help you make good decision.

Don’t forget early bird time from 11 AM 2019-Feb-21

One again, thank for your trust. Good luck!

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