EcomSuite Review – Build High Converting Ecom Funnel In few Clicks

EcomSuite Review – Introduction

Hey, Nzoe here and I’ve been an online marketer.

For almost 7 years now, I’ve built my ecom business from ground floor to a 6 figure per year business in dollars.

My Partner  & I have sold over $370,000 worth of eCom products ranging from weight loss slim patch to stretch marks removal to digital therapy machine In the last few years.

EcomSuite Review


We’ve sold different type of products using different platforms, you name it – Ecommerce stores, Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress sites.

Just like you and 95% of other people trying to make money with eCom, I struggled with my Shopify store for more than 6 months and ended up getting just 5 sales, and still (like many others) I kept paying the monthly fee that further pushed me into loses. Crazy… isn’t it?

I tried all the tricks and strategies the gurus taught me, but nothing worked for me.  At first, I thought I was the only one experiencing this but when I checkout a few forums, I noticed hundreds of thousands of people crying blood, complaining that their stores are not converting.

That’s when I realised Shopify is not “exactly” what the gurus made it look like. While researching for the real solution, I stumbled upon a well-kept secret of these ‘gurus’ who were busy selling us their courses and software.

These guys themselves were using eCom Funnels to sell physical products online. These converted 10X better than a conventional store.

So, following their path I moved to ClickFunnels. I’ll be honest – ClickFunnels is good but there are still some limitations. I had to integrate some expensive apps to make it work the way I wanted it to… not to forget the countless sleepless nights I spent manually sourcing hot products, reliable suppliers, creating video ads, driving traffic to my eCom sales funnel, integrating payment system, managing my orders, writing emails to upsell my customers and a lot of other stuff.

It was hard-work.

And this was just for 1 funnel. I had to repeat the whole process every time I had to create a funnel for another product. After 6 months, I got fed up of ClickFunnels’ huge recurring monthly fee, coupled with the back-breaking and time-consuming processes I had to go through.

Fortunately, Seun Ogundele and his team create  a custom complete eCom solution that would fill up the loopholes and give me all that I needed to build a profitable eCom Business from scratch…It’s called is EcomSuite.

And now I’d like to welcome you to turn my EcomSuite Review for the details.

EcomSuite Review – Overview

Vendor:Seun Ogundele
Launch Date:2019-Jul-20
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Coupon Code:Check Now
Official Sale Page:Click Here
Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]
Bonuses:Yes, check below

What’s EcomSuite? 

Ecomsuite is the world’s first complete “done-for-you” software that allows newbies to uncover daily untapped hot products with huge margins, instantly create cash spinning 3-pages multilingual ecom funnels, drive massive traffic & get buyers, accept payment, manage orders & upsell customers in 1 single dashboard.

Let’s face it…. No software has ever provided “a complete eCom solution system” that you need to make money. They either give you hot products + supplier’s link and leave you to figure out how to create your store/products sales funnel, payment system, buyer’s traffic, video ad, manage orders, deliver orders and other “key” elements that you need to make 6 figures/year.

…But Ecom Suite is completely different, it gives you everything (not half-baked solution) you need to build your own profitable eCom business from scratch in any niche. At the click of a button, you can:

  • Get daily fast selling product (with Supplier’s link, Marketing Content,
  • Facebook Ads Creativity, Video Ads, Product price markup, etc)
  • Create 3 Pages Multilingual Mobile Responsive Funnel To Target Buyers
  • In Different Countries (with Checkout/Upsell Page & Scarcity)
  • Create a funnel for your existing personal products
  • Drive Buyer’s Traffic To Your Sales Funnel
  • Accept Payment Via PayPal/Stripe
  • Manage Order
  • Integrate Facebook Pixels To Your Funnel & Retarget Customers That Abandoned Cart
  • Connect Your Autoresponder, Build Buyers List & Upsell Them
  • DFY Emails
  • Get email notification for new orders

All of these, without…

  • Paying recurring monthly fee and expensive maintenance cost on Shopify/Clickfunnels
  • Without doing trial n’ error and competing with thousands of sellers
  • Without paying for a yearly domain/hosting
  • Without rigorous setup and installation of themes, plugins or addon
  • Without having sleepless nights researching and wasting thousands of dollars split-testing different products/Facebook Ads

EcomSuite Review

EcomSuite Review – Product Features

A Complete System Accessible From A Single Powerful Dashboard

It is estimated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. This opens the door to massive opportunity for you as an eCom entrepreneur.

With eCom Suite, now get daily Fast Selling Products along with Supplier’s link, Marketing Content, Facebook Ads Creatives, Video Ads, Product Price Mark-Ups, etc. right inside your dashboard.

No need to install themes, integrate payment gateways or do any heavy-duty stuff.

All the heavy-lifting is done-for-you by the app. Just choose the products you want to sell, create your funnels in minutes and start profiting instantly.

Multilingual And Fully Mobile Responsive Funnels

Create 3-pages multilingual funnels to target buyers in different countries. eCom Suite helps you quickly create not only the main page to sell your product, but also the Checkout and Upsell Pages with built-in Scarcity to boost conversions.

All the pages you would create are fully mobile responsive. This helps you further increase conversions as a recent study.

Create A Funnel For Your Existing Personal Products

With eCom Suite you can also create high-converting funnels for your existing products as well. Just choose the template you want to use, customize it as per your needs and launch.

Start getting orders and receiving payments right inside your dashboard. Offer your products as upsells to any sales you just made or sell them separately.

eCom Suite helps you turn all of your products, the ones selling currently as well as the ones that you’ve put away in cold-storage, into best-selling products with profit-sucking funnels.

Drive Buyers Traffic To Your Sales Funnel

You need to get your funnels to your audience, wherever they are… and of course, they are on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are where the REAL buyers are.

Generate free viral traffic on demand. That’s right! eCom Suite has social media button integration. Every funnel you create has a social share button on it for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With eCom Suite now drive massive amounts of viral traffic to your funnel and pages.

Accept Payment Via PayPal/Stripe

This is undoubtedly the MOST important part of a funnel. Most other software require you to go through a rather rigorous and complicated process to integrate payment gateways.

eCom Suite has in-built 2 of the largest and widely used payment gateways… PayPal and Stripe. No hassles. No technical skills required. Start accepting payments to your PayPal or Stripe accounts without touching a line of code.

Manage Order

All your orders are fully managed through a single easy-to-use dashboard. Process orders, manage refunds and exchanges, all inside the eCom Suite app without any headaches.

eCom Suite is a complete DFY solution that helps you run a successful and profitable eCom business WITHOUT needing you to invest in a store.

Retarget Customers That Abandoned Cart

With eCom Suite’s cutting-edge technology, you can retarget customers who entered the funnel, but left without buying.

eCom Suite allows you to integrate Facebook pixels into your funnel. This helps in retargeting customers that abandoned the cart. Turn those dead-sales into profit generating loyal customers.

Connect Your Autoresponder, Build Buyers List & Upsell Them

With just 1-click connect your preferred Autoresponder to eCom Suite. All major Autoresponders can be integrated with eCom Suite.

When you make sales through your funnels, these new customers and leads get added to your list.

Offer your existing customers a chance to upgrade automatically. Turn a single sale into another sale and multiply your profits.

DFY Emails

With eCom Suite you can see now that you don’t need any designing skills. You can create your funnel from scratch without touching a line of code.

You have got everything you need to make profits. But we decided to go one step further and not leave anything to chance. We have added battle-tested and proven-to-convert completely done-for-you emails that you can send to your customers and prospects.

These high-converting emails are written by a team of top marketers and copywriters who know exactly the buttons to push to make your customers click the ‘Buy Button’ on your pages.

Get email notification for new orders

As soon as a new order is placed on your pages, you get an email notification regarding the same. Easily track the order and make sure that the sale goes through seamlessly.

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EcomSuite Review – My Experience In Using

In this section, I’m going to show you what exactly inside EcomSuite when using it. Before starting, I’d like to say that I used this product as beta version, you can trust everything.

Firstly, I’ll input email and password to login to EcomSuite dashboard:

EcomSuite Review

Here’s EcomSuite dashboard:

EcomSuite Review

You can see multilingual functionality in top dashboard and detailed stats as pending orders, shipped orders, delivered  orders, sales… You also see all main modules of EcomSuite in left menu.

There are two way to create eCom Funnel. Let’s now take a look at each of these ways in details.

1/Hot Products

This module will list all hot eCom Products and allows you to create eCom Funnel from these hot products. Take a look at my screenshot for the detail.


EcomSuite Review

In order to create eCom funnel from these hot products, you only walk through 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Select best selling hot products in any niche you like

Click on Hot Products from the left sidebar >> Select the product of your choice >> Click on “Get Full Info”

For my example, I clicked on “Get Full Info” of “Body Massage electric vibrator” product. You can see the detail about this product below.

EcomSuite Review

Step 2: Select template

And then I click “Create Funnel” to create eCom Funnel from this product. Next step, I’ll select template for my funnel.

EcomSuite Review

Step 3: Customize, Launch, and Start Getting Orders

After selecting template, you have to enter needed information for your eCom Funnel.

EcomSuite Review

Finally, Click on “Create Funnel” button to create your eCom Funnel. In order to view your eComm Funnel, you click on Funnels from the left sidebar and select Funnel List.

EcomSuite Review

You can see my eCom Funnel as below:

EcomSuite Review

2/Funnels Module

This module allows you to create eCom Funnel from existing product or hot products and it also manage your Funnel List.

EcomSuite Review

Now, I’m going to show you how to create eCom funnel from existing product. You have to walk through 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose a template

Click on funnel from the left sidebar >> Select “Create Funnel”from scratch”

EcomSuite Review

And then Choose a template

EcomSuite Review

Step 2: Enter the product details, price, pand images

EcomSuite Review

Step 3: Create Funnel

You click on “Create Funnel” to create your eCom Funnel. Let’s now take a look at my new eCom Funnel in the detail:

EcomSuite Review

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EcomSuite Review – Demo Video

If all of points are not enough to you check out this product, please watch this demo video to make good decision.

Pros & Cons


  • 100% Cloud Based And Beginner Friendly App
  • No Domain & Hosting Needed.
  • No In-App Purchases
  • No Technical, Designing Or Copywriting Skills Required
  • Unlimited Mobile Responsive Funnels In Multiple Languages
  • Collect Payment Via PayPal or Stripe Right Inside The App
  • Get Daily Hot-In-Demand Products, Videos Ads, Facebook Ads Copy And A Lot More…


 I have not discover yet.

What I Love About EcomSuite?

EcomSuite is quickly becoming the most preferred system for ecom entrepreneurs. Here are what of things I love about this product:

100% Cloud Based

EcomSuite works perfectly on both Mac and PC. eCom Suite is fully cloud-based and mobile responsive. So, you can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device.

No hidden costs/expenses

Seun Ogundele has made everything fully transparent on this page. Even the charges for hosting is taken care by us. No extra charges are levied for you to use any feature.

An A-Z Selling Solution

You get daily Hot-In-Demand Products, Videos Ads, Ads Images, Supplier Details, Facebook Ads Copy & a lot more. Everything you need for a successful campaign is done-for-you.

1-Click Easy

Build instant funnels with checkout/upsell pages & built-in scarcity to sell the products without Shopify or Amazon. No copywriting skills needed either. Sell your existing products or select from the hottest-selling products that we recommend.

Perfect For The International Market

Create unlimited fully mobile responsive funnels in multiple languages to sell your products to the audience the world over. Break the language barrier to make sales in non-English speaking countries.

Collect Easy Payments

eCom Suite allows you to collect payment via PayPal and Stripe… two of the most secure and widely used online payment systems. Everything is already integrated. No hassles. No headaches.

3X Your Sales

Turn every visitor to your funnel into a sale. By retargeting your customers using Facebook pixels, easily stay at the top of your customer’s mind until they buy the product that they had showed interest in and the related upsells too.

What I Hate About EcomSuite

When something really makes you mad or has cost you money you tend to not forget it. No app is perfect, but EcomSuite really misses it on a few things.

I said that, as a human, I tend to remember the negative stuff pretty easily so there’s a lot more here to vent about. So I’m going to share what I don’t like about EcomSuite with you.

So here it is;

What I don’t like about this product is with the Upsells… there are 5 of them, and it’s as if the best was saved to come last.

The upsells are very good and it’s great to have them, however, EcomSuite works well without the upsells, so you don’t have to purchase any upsell. But if you want more power out of this, then I suggest you grab them all.

EcomSuite Review – OTO And Price

OTO 1: EcomSuite Unlimited >>More Details<<

OTO 2: EcomSuite DFY >>More Details<<

 OTO 3: EcomSuite VIP Club>>More Details<<

OTO 4: EcomSuite Profit Multiplier >>More Details<<

OTO 5 : EcomSuite Agency >>More Details<<

EzyAgency Agency – 100 Accounts>>More Details<<

EzyAgency – 300 Accounts>>More Details<<


In a nutshell, EcomSuite is the simplest-to-use tool to leverage the trillion-dollar eCom industry. Anyone who has the zeal to make profits will be able to do so using eCom Suite.

With the carefully selected hottest-selling products daily, Videos Ads, DFY Emails, Integrated Payment Gateways, 1-Click Upsell and Checkout Pages and other key elements already integrated inside the system – eCom Suite is no doubt a complete sales system being handed over to you today at a very low one-time price.

There is no way anyone using eCom Suite won’t make profits. Now with so much automation, it’s understandable that you may have a few concerns about the functionality of this highly sophisticated tool.

Don’t worry! You can try EcomSuite for 14 days. If there are any technical issues you face that Support Team (accessible from inside your eCom Suite dashboard itself) is not able to resolve, Seun Ogundele will return your full money back. No excuses. No delays.

Finally, thank for reading my EcomSuite Review and trust me.

Special Bonuses From Vendor

Bonus #1: Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence ($277 Value)

We are giving you professionally written ready-to-mail emails for prospecting clients. Simply send this written-to-convert email to deliver to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

Bonus #2: Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing Scripts($197 Value)

EcomSuite OTO

We are also giving you three designed to hypnotize, complete telemarketing scripts – Specifically designed for three different sales scenarios, both in person and over the phone.

Bonus #3: Ready Made Sample Proposal($247 Value)

EcomSuite OTO

Presentation Matters in any Consulting Business. Just edit this template, add your text, delete any page you don’t need, print and submit to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money…

Its master crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service, and why they should choose you to do it for them right now!

Bonus #4: Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template($297 Value)

EcomSuite OTO

I have created a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible.

Gorgeous and high quality designs in which our personal graphic designers have created for your use.

Brochures, Business Cards, Invoice, Letterheads, etc

Bonus #5: High Paying Client Video Course( + White Label Rights)

EcomSuite OTO

Now that you know what to sell, and have everything you need to sell, what you need now is the right info on how to get clients. I will give you a copy of this course so you can discover how to land high paying clients for whatever service you are offering.

Remember, high paying clients are those people who are willing to pay you double, triple or even 50 times more than your average customers.

In this video course you will learn what it takes to close a high paying client and where to find them.

One of the most important thing to do is change your belief, and here you can find the way to do it.

My Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 1 – Windows Desktop Applications

Bonus Package 2- WordPress Plugins & Web Scripts

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content App

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step1: Order EcomSuite through my site

Step2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

email: or contact me on this page.

Step3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package

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