Covert Content Gawkr Review – Powerful plugin to build Authority sites.


As you know Covert Gawkr theme is powerful WordPress theme. It help you build a authority site in minutes and it also will increase ranking, clicks, commissions,  sales… Plus get you’ll a lot more traffic through the covert inbuilt social traffic generators.

As I said in the Covert Gawkr review, You have an unlimited license for Covert Gawkr theme – both for your own use and for building sites for clients and customers.

You could build hundreds – even thousands of profit pulling authority sites using the Covert Gawkr theme. So who has the time to find and create posts for so many blogs? and the answer would be nobody!.

And the Covert Content Gawkr plugin will help you resolve the problem above.

Why should you use Covert Content Gawkr?

Covert Content Gawkr is a powerful WP plugin to build authority site, this plugin will help you automatically pull in quality products and contents from amazon and any RSS feed… with just few clicks.

After pulling, it will add hands-free posts and products to your gawkr sites 24/7 – making them just as active as the big sites like Food Gawker!.

Beside of This plugin is easy and fast to use as possible and it also is very simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the plugin will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

Features of Covert Content Gawkr plugin?

  • Auto pull in quality products and contents from amazon and any RSS feed… with just few clicks.
  • Auto  post message to social network( Facebook, Twitter)

Then whenever the Covert Content Gawkr plugin autoblogs a new post or product to your gawkr site… It will also automatically post on Facebook and Twitter announcing the post!

convert content gawkr plugin

  • Beside of this plugin is not only will Covert Content Gawkr automatically fill your sites with products and content…It will also generate links, traffic and sales for you on complete auto pilot!
  • covert content gawkr

How to Configure Covert Content Gawkr plugin?

After you have installed and activated the plug in (only takes a few seconds) you will reach a page, where you configure the main setting for your auto blogging campaign (and you only have to to this once)

This is step by step to configure the main setting for your auto blogging campaign:

Step1: Enter they keywords you want to use for auto-blogging campaign.

You can add as many keywords or phrases as you want! You can even put them in “quotes” for exact match.

covert content gawkr

Step2: Configure post creation

Select if your new auto blogged posts should be published immediately or saved as drafts for you to edit before posting.

Have the plugin automatically create tags for your post based on the title of the source content.

You can even import comments to add SEO friendly content and social proof to your gawkr sites – increasing both traffic and conversions!

covert content gawkr

Step3: Include author for post

This step help you make your Gawkr sites look even more natural and active, you can have random author names assigned to all new posts. In additional, you can use to instantly create as many users as you like for your blog!

convert content gawkr review

Step4: Finally you need to configure the Amazon affiliate settings like in the screenshot below


Step5: Configure the content module

Now it’s time to configure one or more of the content modules.

For this example I’m going to use the Amazon module – but they are all really simple to set up and you can have them all running within minutes!

Step 6: Select categories

You simply select which of your keywords you want to use for this Amazon campaign.

Notice that you can select which Amazon category you want to use – the plugin supports all Amazon categories! – and also all Amazon regions!

Then you select which of you blog’s categories your autoblogged post from this Amazon campaign should be posted under.

convert content gakwr plugin review

You are now ready to turn auto blogging on – and from now on the Covert Content Gawkr plugin will keep posting products to your gawkr site using the settings you have specified.

covert content gawkr

Step 7: Add more feed

That was just one Amazon feed – for one keyword…

You can create as many Amazon feeds – for as many keywords as you like!

You could literally be pulling in hundreds of unique posts and products per hour if you wanted to!

And you are ready to move on to set up your next profit pulling gawkr site… or to configure more of the modules on this blog

Auto blogging and making money with gawkr sites has NEVER been this simple!


You can also use the plugin to import at batch of posts from for example Amazon in one go…

Either as drafts you can edit later – or as post that are published immediately.

covert content gawkr


Now the Covert Content Gawkr plugin can currently auto blog from 2 different content source (Amazon and ANY RSS feed!) – straight into your Covert Gawkr sites. Beside of it will also auto share your to social network and generate links, traffic and sales for you on complete auto pilot!.
And you can set up unlimited campaigns using unlimited keywords for both of them!
The development team is also working on many more content modules for this plugin you will get free updates for free.

  • covert content gawkr
And because it’s designed to work with your Covert Gawkr theme there is no fiddling with templates, css or any techy stuff – it works right out of the box!

See more about Covert Gawkr theme



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