Compare Covert Messenger Pro with other Ad Form

As you know Covert Messenger is a WordPress plugin that lets you easily create cool instant messenger ads on your site – the ads will attract your visitors in & literally force them to click on any link you want!. With Covert Messenger, you can generate instant messenger type ads on your blog. This kind of ad is the most effective ad on your blog, period! It uses the familiar look of Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, ICQ, AIM, MSN… to get attention like nothing else will.

So what differences between Covert Messenger Pro and other Ad Form?

Now I will Compare Covert Messenger Pro with other Ad Form to show you about these differences.

Covert Messenger Gets More Clicks & Better ConversionsThan All Other Ad Forms Combined On Our Blogs!

And it works for a very simple reason…

Everyone on the internet uses some form of instant messengers.

Humans are social creatures and we like social interactions

You’re simply tapping into that and using a familiar look that people like to interact with, to deliver your ad

And remember…

This strategy is in NO way limited to adult or dating sites

In fact there are no dating affiliates left reading this – they have all clicked the buy button already – because they know how powerful this is!

And the many uses of this powerful plugin are only limited by your imagination…

Here are just a few of the highly effective strategies we have used ourselves…

  • On a review blog – make a Covert Messenger ad that tells them about a discount. Then ask them to click the link to claim their discount!
  • Offer a freebie related to the content on your blog and ask them to click in order to grab it (then link your squeeze page).
  • Use the same technique to link to CPA offers related to your blog. They won’t click your banners, they have seen them all before. But they will click your Covert Messenger ad and you can start counting the $$$!
  • Use a Covert Messenger ad to serve a testimonial about a product, this adds an enormous amount of social proof value to any testimonial
  • And of course much more…

There are literally hundreds of different ways to use this plug in

The only thing that’s certain is that…

It will get people’s attention & they will click on your ad!

You Only Takes Seconds With The Full Visual HTML Editor to Create Stunning Messenger Ads That Get 10x The Clicks

compare covert messenger 2.0 with other ad form

With the full visual editor you can easily create great looking Covert Messenger ads in seconds – without having to worry about knowing any HTML. These ads will outperform the “normal” text ads by miles

The editor works just like the one you have in your WordPress post area, so there is no learning curve. And you get all the features such as; different fonts, colors, sizes and effects… And most importantly the option to insert images on the fly!.

There are 9 Extra High Converting Templates

You will get 9 extra templates for your Covert Messenger ads. And these extra templates are the ones that will attract the most attention and clicks – like the example one above that is designed to completely mimic the real Facebook chat bar!

You can use 5 Covert Messenger Ads At The Same Time


compare covert messenger 2.0 with other ad form

As you can see on the screenshot above you can choose to display a Covert Messenger ad everywhere, on specific pages, on posts in specific categories… even on individual posts!

It mean that instead of just having one Covert Messenger ad active…The PRO version allows you to run 5 ads at the same time!

And you get full control over where you want a specific Covert Messenger Ad to appear.

You Get Full Stats On Displays & Clicks.

So You Can Easily Fine Tune Your Ads For Best Results

Automatically Split Test Your Ads & Increase Click Throughs

compare covert messenger 2.0 with other ad form

You can have 3 ad variations on each of your 5 Covert Messenger ads – and the plugin will automatically rotate the variations for you. That means that you can actually have 15 ads live on your blog at any given time…

But more importantly the PRO version will track the displays and clicks for each variation. The stats will be recorded in your WordPress Admin area as you see below, so you can easily split test your ads and increase your clicks and revenue!

compare covert messenger 2.0 with other ad form

Each variation can use it’s own template & link to it’s own URL!

Enable Sound On Your Covert Messenger Ads
And Catch Your Visitors Attention Like Never Before!

Super simple controls to enable sound on your Covert Messenger Ads. If you turn sound on it will play a familiar instant messenger sound the first time your ad pops up – really helping to grab your visitor’s attention.

compare covert messenger 2.0 with other ad form

You can see more detail about Covert Messenger 2.0 review at here


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