CloudlySuites Review – Create and Animate Stunning Designs

A Brief Introduction

Hey guys,

Do you have to deal with mundane design tasks that come up on a daily basis?

There’s a new software that’s launching soon called CloudlySuites – a powerful Design and animation suite – so I wanted to make sure you knew about it…

We all know there are designers and animators out there.

A few of them also happen to be jerks.

They don’t finish their work and charge more for fun.

There’s been a ton of marketers who spend thousands on getting quality designs made for their business.

Make no mistake – you might also have to face the same struggle when you need them made.

That’s why 2 of my friends – Leon and Sandy wanted to create a solution where anyone would be able to create and animate stunning designs from scratch…

If you are interested in this product, please check out my CloudlySuites Review for the details.

Cloudly Suites Review – Overview

Vendor:Sandy Nayak et al
Product:Cloudly Suites
Launch Date:2019-Aug-17
Launch Time:11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$30
Coupon Code:Check Now
Official Sale Page:
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What Is CloudlySuites?

CloudlySuites is a Super-Powerful design engine that you can use to create great looking logos, ads, banners, social media updates, GIFs and animations…

1600+ Readymade Templates for you to make great looking marketing creatives – to be available at the click of a button, for you to use over and over again!

The marketing creatives you make with our software will undoubtedly give you the ability to drive more sales, conversions and improve your branding…and that is arguably worth 3x-10x what we charge for the public.

You wouldn’t have to hire “rich” designers or animators… just to waste a whole bunch of time and money going back and forth trying to explain your vision to them.

You got to realise that in order to create high performing marketing creatives – you just need the right tool.

What you don’t need is a PhD in Design or $3,000 to buy the latest Adobe Creative Suite.

Nothing will be able to stop you make all your design ideas come to reality with CloudlySuites in your war chest.

Not even expensive softwares like Canva or Bannersnack which may act as obstacles…between you and design nirvana!

How Does It Work?

CloudlySuites is so user friendly, you can design great looking creatives in just minutes.

Even If You’ve Never Designed Your Entire Life! Start making High Impact Logos, Banners, Ads, GIF’s, Social Media Posts and Animations today…It’s completely fine if you’ve never made even a single marketing creative your entire life!

CloudlySuites is so easy to use – you can have excellent marketing creatives made in mere minutes, with these 3 steps:

Step #1: Choose Your Project

First time running Cloudly Suites? Choose Your Project! It doesn’t matter if you need a logo, ad or an animation…it’s all done in the same easy drag and drop editor!

CloudlySuites Review

Step #2: Design

Design Your Project From Scratch Or Pick One Of Our Classic Templates To Save Time!

CloudlySuites Review

Step 3:  Export Your Project And You’re Done!

CloudlySuites Review

CloudlySuites Review – Features List

  • Animation support
  • Animate text character
  • Animate drawing path
  • Parallel animation support
  • Frame based animation
  • Animation timeline
  • Animation recording
  • Export playback frame
  • Copy/paste animation frame
  • Pattern background fill
  • Gradient background fill
  • Build custom color palette
  • Upload custom svg
  • Used stock photo added to library
  • Drag & drop color
  • Upload from url
  • Export to dropbox
  • Shareable edit, download, preview link
  • Freehand drawing
  • Document privacy mode
  • Share design with users
  • Invite new user under sub account
  • Over 200 filter effects
  • Sort and rearrange filter effects
  • Extension support(added monthly)
  • Access over 3million free icons
  • Download MP4 & GIF
  • Autosave
  • Save element to folder & reuse
  • Support gradient & filters on text
  • Transparent background support
  • Layers panel
  • Context Menu support
  • Export SVG
  • Animated chart support
  • Edit custom svg colors
  • Capture from camera support
  • Full API support

CloudlySuites Review – Advanced Features

Here Are Some Of Our Most Advanced Features In Action!

  • Saving object to folder and reusing them.
  • Drawing.
  • Using path to mask image element.
  • Animating path.
  • Syncing to dropbox with Auto-Capture technology.
  • Using the public download link for purpose of directing users to download your design.
  • Getting API key which can be used to make API calls.

What Can CloudlySuites Do?

Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What CloudlySuites Can Do:

Unlimited Marketing Creatives

What if you could create an unlimited number of Logos, Ads, Banners, GIFs or Animations?

Well, CloudlySuites is the answer! YES, No Limitations.

Blazingly Fast Editor

This Editor is a Fully Web Based Solution that is Fast, Easy to Use thanks to its Drag and Drop Technology.

You can make Animations, Ads, Banners and Logos all from within a single editor…The Best Part? Nothing to Download or Install!

This Beast Is Built-To-Accommodate Heavy Sized design with no constraints which means you can exerience seamless workflow.

It also autosaves your projects at regular intervals letting you enjoy peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about losing all your work after you spend hours making them.

1600+ Inbuilt Templates

Access to a whopping 1600+ inbuilt templates without paying a single cent extra.

These templates let you make all your marketing creatives really fast!

You don’t have to spend too much time thinking and waiting for your creative juices to start flowing.

Create Highly Effective Ad Creatives

Advertising on Facebook/Google/Youtube/Instagram/Twitter Or LinkedIn?

You need ads that help you stand out from the competition…get a competitive edge with creatives that will grab attention faster than you can say Jack Robinson!

Design “Life-Bringing” Banners

Ever published a Blog Post only to realise you need some nice visual  elements to spice things up?

Design some high quality banners, add em’ in – your content becomes so much more visually appealing!

Make Engaging GIFs

If an image is worth 1000 words, imagine how much a GIF says.

Capitalise on the Viral GIF craze and make a solid impact on social media.

Build HQ Logos From Scratch

Some of the best logos ever made are also the simplest.

After carefully analysing what goes behind great logos, we give you specific options that’ll let you build an amazing logo from scratch!

Post Engaging Social Media Updates

You gotta activate your followers on social media, you don’t want to just collect them like random baseball cards.

Use our app to create engaging social media creatives and show the world what an amazing brand you are a part of.

Run Some Powerful Video Ads Using Animations

Animation is a technique, not a genre. You are now able to use some amazing animations for your own

benefit, run high converting video ads and bring your ad costs down because of their engaging nature.

Dropbox Auto-Capture Technology

Once your dropbox account is linked, it captures every “export” trigger and saves it to your dropbox account.

This ensures you don’t lose any of the hard work or the time you put in to your designs.

Powerful API For Automatic Ad Creation

Are you an Advanced Marketer who uses Softwares like Adespresso to Automate Your Advertising?

Use our Powerful API to automatically export all your projects and start running your ads without any manual effort on your end…to either export, download or upload your marketing creatives!

CloudlySuites Review

CloudlySuites Review – My Experience In Using

In this section, I’m going to share my view when I used CloudlySuites. Hopefully, you’ll make good decision after walkthrough this honest review. Before starting, I’d like to say that I used this product as test version, you can trust everything in my review.

Now, I’ll enter my test account and password to login to CloudlySuites system:

CloudlySuites Review

After login, you click on “Open Dashboard” button to go CloudlySuites Dashboard:

CloudlySuites Review

Here’s CloudlySuites Dashboard where you’ll be able to create marketing creatives from scratch… You can see predefined sizes for any kind of social media marketing creative you want to make be it a FB ads, Twitter Post, Instagram.  You also design printables

Let’s now take a look at CloudlySuites templates. You click on “Choose templates” in left menu. You can see that CloudlySuites provides the templates in any niches and they are all spread out under different categories.

CloudlySuites Review

CloudlySuites allows you easy to edit these templates. You only select the template that you want to edit and then CloudlySuites will redirect to Blazingly Fast Editor.This editor is a fully web based solution that is fast, easy to use thanks to its drag and drop technology. For my example, I’ll create a discount sale by going Discount Sale category and then choose “Grilled Fish” template and CloudlySuites will automatically redirect to Blazingly Fast Editor.

CloudlySuites Review

Here’s Blazingly Fast Editor:

CloudlySuites Review

I’ll change “15% OFF” to “20% OFF”. You right click on the area that you want to edit and select “Edit Text”

CloudlySuites Review

After editing, you click on Save button to save your project

CloudlySuites Review

Then all you only to do is click on the button present at the top left and then click on Export to download your marketing creative.

CloudlySuites Review

And here’s my result:

CloudlySuites Review

There are still many features and advance features inside CloudlySuites which I have not shown in this section yet. So if you are interested in these features, please check out CloudlySuites demonstration video for the details.

CloudlySuites Review

CloudlySuites Review – Demo Video

CloudlySuites Review – Comparison

I’ve gone ahead, done my research and have come up with a direct comparison chart that shows you how much Cloudlysuites outperforms its competitors…

CloudlySuites Review

Pros & Cons


  • No Design Skills Required
  • 100% Cloud Based
  • User Friendly
  • Insanely Fast Tech – Create,Edit, Export!
  • Make High Quality Ad Images, Banners, Animations, GIFs in Minutes.
  • 1600+ Templates
  • Syncing to dropbox with Auto-Capture technology.
  • Full API support


You have to connect to internet.

Who Should Use It?

Online Business Owner

You need better marketing creatives but you don’t have is the time, money or the abilities to make great looking marketing creatives. With CloudlySuites, you can do them within minutes.


With the Commercial licence, that’s exactly what you can give them.You’ll have the right to use the full power of Cloudlysuites for unlimited Client campaigns.

And when you show them the kind of designs and animations you create – you won’t have to sell your service.

Online Marketer

These people have already made thousands of dollars offering this service to hungry marketers who don’t have the skills or the tools necessary to create beautiful marketing creatives.

This product allows you to create some great marketing creatives for them. All you need to do is click on Pick a template, edit some details and you’re done!


With CloudlySuites, you easy to create images, Gif… for your content within minutes.

CloudlySuites Review – Is it worth your money?

As you know, learning how to use Photoshop just to design your marketing creatives is a fools game.

Spending thousands of dollars to get the Adobe Creative Suite is even more foolish – as that level of complex software is not required to create simple marketing designs. You can hire some outsourcers to get all marketing creatives but  you have to pay hundreds of dollars to these outsourcers for quality designs is simply how most small businesses do it.

However it leaves a big hole in the Pocket making them worried and stressed about all the money that’s being spent…

You also use the software like Canva, Bannersnack, Animatron and Powtoon for design and animation.

But there are simply too many software companies out there all charging anywhere from $12.95 up to even $69.00 per month – even though you only use them once or twice a month!

The problem is – you just need a ton of different softwares to make excellent looking logos, ads, banners, animations, social media creatives and GIFs…

And when you’ve got CloudlySuites doing all the hard work for you…

Imagine how much more time and extra money you’re going to have to build your business, enjoy time with friends, and start treating the people you love most to whatever they most desire. After that, the world is yours to do with as you please…

Sitting back and relaxing, beer in hand, bank balance full, business growing thanks to all the marketing creatives our app lets you create and all you’re doing is pressing a few buttons!

With massive 1.6k+ template database and our ultra-efficient design power. You’ll be able to make some high converting marketing creatives that will have a huge impact on your conversions and sales!

With CloudlySuites, you only spend 5-15 minutes max is what it takes to design your first marketing creative such as a logo/social media post/banner/ad/GIF or even an animation.

CloudlySuites not only are you going to be saving a lot of time and effort, it’s also help you make you a lot of money from making some amazing marketing creatives.

If you need any powerful marketing creative software, I think CloudlySuites is the best in the industry.

CloudlySuites OTO & Price

OTO1 – CloudlyStories (With Commercial License and 150 Story Templates)

Official Sale Page: >> More Details<<

Price: $49.95 One time

CloudlyStories lets you make impactfull and engaging “story-telling” videos…by giving you all the different controls and options you need all within a single dashboard.

These stories will help you turbocharge your branding and help you achieve gobs of targeted traffic from your followers on social media.

With CloudlyStories, you get to…

  • Build amazing presentations that wow your prospects and grabs their attention by their eyeballs.
  • Record your voice directly into the app and send a message to the world that your brand is alive and kicking!
  • Boost your views, leads and sales overnight all thanks to the extra views and the good impression gained by your brand.
  • Combine the Engagement of A Story and The Conversion Power of Video Into The Single Most Powerful Selling Machine
  • Known To Humanity!
  • Dominate Social News Feeds in Any Niche By Telling Stories That People Care About.

And of-course…

  • Sit Back and Watch As Your Stories Get Shared Far And Wide By Your Beloved Followers!

OTO1 Downsell – CloudlyStories (Without Commercial License or Extra Templates)

Official Sale Page: >> More Details<<

Price: $29.95 One time

While almost everyone can find a use for our story creation software, not everyone’s going to be needing the Commercial License Or The Story Templates right from day one.

So This special CloudlyStories package for people who want to try out the full power of the software without needing the commercial license or the templates enabled on their account.

And in my humble opinion, it’s just incredible.

This much marketing power should not be so cheap.

OTO2 –  CloudlySuites Template Club

Official Sale Page: >> More Details<<

Two Price points – $27 for 500 Extra Templates and $49.95 for 1000 Extra Templates

Make your marketing creatives irresistible with these custom made smart templates!

Every one of these templates is worth a ton of money…But you can get 1000 of them for just $49.95!

There’s no catches. No hidden costs. No obligations.

This is new smart templates to keep your audience interested, engaged, and signing up.

With these smart templates your marketing never will be tired.
OTO3 –  CloudlySuites Video Script Pack

Official Sale Page: >> More Details<<

Two Price points – $27 for 500 Extra Templates and $29.95 for 1000 Extra Templates

This OTO allows you to create high-converting video scripts in minutes with these exclusive templates responsible for millions of dollars in sales!

Here’s 8 kind of high-converting video templates preparing you for any sales challenge

  • Template #1: Video Sales Letter

Tried, tested and proven over more than 30 launches, this template has been used to generat millions of dollars online. Use it for yourself, use it for your clients, and get great conversions with none of the effort.

  • Template #2: Upsell Video

Keep your upsells short, simple, and still generate massive conversions. This template can multiply the money you make from your funnel…and all in less than 10 minutes of video.

  • Template #3: Downsell Video

A customer saying no doesn’t mean you need to give up… especially when you’ve got this downsell template.

  • Template #4: Website Welcome Video

Nothing makes such a good impression on new visitors as simply saying hello. This template will give them a great first encounter, while subtly pushing them to buy whatever you offer.

  • Template #5: Presell Video

Get your prospects ready to open their wallets and mentally prepare them to buy whatever it is you are

trying to sell. This “fill in the blanks” template lets you warm up your prospects and make them ready for the offer you’re about to make them.

  • Template #6: Infomercial Style Web Commercial

Why do people pay $1,000,000+ for infomercial slots? Because they WORK. And with this template, they’ll work for you, too.

  • Template #7: Animated Explainer Video

Use this template to create short, fun, animated videos that explain your product or service in 60 seconds or less.

  • Template #8: Squeeze Page Video

Build your email and messenger list fast with this high-converting template. It’s been used across a huge variety of niches and seen great results almost every time.

OTO4 –  CloudlySuites Outsourcers License

Official Sale Page: >> More Details<<

Three Price points – $29.95 for 1 Outsourcer, $49.95 for 4 Outsourcers, $69.95 for 8 Outsourcers

The Outsourcer License removes all limits.

With up to 20 staff using CloudlySuites, you can build a Marketing Powerhouse cum Design empire.

You can add all your outsourcers by navigating to the settings area.

This OTO allows you to add upto 8 outsourcers accounts – which means your whole team can be equipped with a copy.

They’ll be able to create and edit all your marketing creatives giving you complete peace of mind.

Get the cloudlysuites outsourcer license and remove all your stress while building an empire!


This is one of the best ideas for Design and Animation Software I’ve seen in ages. With CloudlySuites, you don’t even need to do any more work.  Pick a template out of 2000+ that’s already available and the software lets you edit, customize even add wonderful animations on top of whatever you create!

And your customers trust you when they see you’ve made an effort to look good.

And instead of shopping around, they buy your products and services.

In just a couple of hours, the lifetime deal will be over. 

But right now, scoop up the commercial license for a one-time fee

Thank for reading  my CloudlySuites Review.

CloudlySuites Review

Exclusive Bonuses From Vendor

Note: Please send a email with your receipts to to claim the bonuses

Bonus #1: Social Media Income Pack [Master Resale Rights]

CloudlySuites Review

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to utilize Facebook Live as a sales funnel
  • How to generate more leads after your Facebook Live broadcast
  • How to use Facebook ads to market your online business
  • How to optimize Facebook ads using Facebook insights
  • How to reach thousands of followers with Facebook fan page
  • How to turn your Facebook profile into an authority figure
  • How to reach targeted audience by optimizing Youtube SEO
  • How to make viral videos for ultimate business branding
  • How to utilize LinkedIn to grow vast business connections
  • How to customize LinkedIn messaging to expand network
  • How to optimize Instagram photos to increase viewership
  • How to hold Instagram contests to gain fame and exposure
  • How to use Pinterest to get targeted traffic and customers
  • How to gain more views with Pinterest rich pin

Bonus #2: Digital Marketing Video Pack [Master Resale Rights]

Cloudly Suites Review

Supercharge Your Business Ever Further With This Mega 40-Part Video Course Collection of Free Business Videos Pro

Free Business Videos PRO is a set of 40 more on-screen video tutorials showing you even more ways to leverage off freely available resources on the Internet…

  • Here’s just some idea of what these video tutorials can do for you:
  • Learn how to set up bulletproof security for your website
  • Discover where to find and set up high converting landing page for FREE
  • Learn how to create and edit attention-grabbing graphics
  • Learn how to rank highly in Youtube search
  • Learn how to create buy buttons and accept payments from your customers, and have them paying for either a subscription or a one-time payment
  • Learn the A to Z on how to set up and publish your digital product, from funnel creation to adding your buy button
  • Learn how to do On-Screen videos
  • Learn how to rank yourself or your business on Google for FREE!

Bonus #3: ConvertPlug

Cloudly Suites Review

Description: ConvertPlug is the all-in-one WordPress Popup plugin that transforms your website into a lead generation powerhouse. Build your email list, bigger, faster and more targeted than ever before. You can create beautiful pop ups in minutes & start converting your website visitors into subscribers, social followers & customers.

World-class conversion optimization WordPress popup plugin with over 10+ popup display positions, 12+ different visitor behavior triggers & filters. The best thing about this popup plugin is that it has a huge library of over 100+ beautifully designed & high converting readymade templates. Features like the exit popup, opt-in popup, slide-in popup, video popup, on-click popup, social popup, embedded forms, widget boxes, info bars make it the most powerful popup & lead generation plugin.

My Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 1 – Windows Desktop Applications

Bonus Package 2- WordPress Plugins & Web Scripts

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content App

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step1: Order CloudlySuites through my site

Step2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

email: or contact me on this page.

Step3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package

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