Botstar Review – From Real User With OTO details & Massive Bonuses

A Brief Introduction

In digital marketing, new technologies come along all the time.But breakthroughs that change how business gets done are very rare.

Chatbot technology is one of these rare breakthroughs, and it’s taking over the online space.

From FB pages to websites, eStores & even personal blogs …Chatbots are letting everyday digital marketers automate their businesses.

Imagine having interactive chatbots handling ALL customer interactions for you – on your FB pages AND websites.

With advanced technology that turns fans into subscribers, and new leads into buyers … 24/7 whether you’re online or at the beach.

Then sending marketing messages to your constantly growing list that consistently get over 80% open rates …

Over 56% click rates …

For explosive sales & the happiest customers on the planet.

That’s what chatbots can do for you.

But current solutions are incredibly expensive – many services cost $120 per year PER chatbot for just the basics.

Botstar is different. It’s bigger & better than ALL the rest – a solution built for marketers by marketers.

All the latest tech features for full marketing automation with drag & drop ease.

One-time price [when you act now] for permanent access to create multiple chatbots for your fan pages and  websites.

Plus – and this is huge – commercial rights to sell chatbots to clients for up to $1000 a pop.

If you are interested in Botstar, please  check out my Botstar Review for the details. Can it be worth your time, effort and money?

Botstar Review – Overview

Vendor: Mo Miah
Product: Botstar
Launch Date: 2019-Aug-01
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $47
Coupon Code: Check now
Official Sale Page:
Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]
Niche: List Building

What Is Botstar?

Botstar is this premium drag-n-drop builder is unlike anything else out there. In just 60 seconds flat, you can create Interactive chatbots in any niche, without any coding skills.

With 50 premium templates to choose from in different niches, you simply, select, customize, hit publish and you’re done.

Botstar completely automates any type of marketing, list building, sales & support 24/7… and it does it all inside one easy to use dashboard, no other tools are needed.

Best part? There’s no monthly fees and you can get access to the commercial license worth $497 alone, that allows you to sell chatbots to clients and keep all the profits.

Here are what Botstar will allow you to:

  • Easily build massive lists, nurture leads & generate sales without spending a dime!
  • Leverage artificial intelligence technology to skyrocket engagement & sales like never before.
  • Create your own profitable chatbots in any niche on FB messenger and websites, without ever worrying about a single line of code
  • Earn $500 to $1000 a pop, without any cold calling or hard selling
  • You instantly get 50 customizable templates in the hottest most profitable niches, making it super simple to have a chatbot running in minutes.
  • And much, much more

Botstar Review – Main Features

  • Powerful Visual Editor

Design the flow of your chatbot and edit content via industry leading drag-and-drop editor.

  • Easy To Use

Choose a template, customise it to your liking and publish your first chatbot literally within minutes!

  • 50 Done For You Templates

50 hot high quality pre-built chatbot templates in different niches, ready to be used.

  • 100% Cloud Based

Botstar is accessible and made to work from everywhere. There’s nothing to download or install. No hassles and no stress.

  • Keyword AI

Customer types in a word or a phrase, and the bot automatically matches that word or phrase with a pre-loaded response.

  • Drag-n-Drop

Simply drag-n-drop your content however you like, no coding or design skills needed.

  • Automate eCommerce

Build product galleries, accept orders, and send follow up sequences to your customers.

  • Mass Broadcasts

Send chatblasts to your list of users at will. Proven to get up to 80% open rates!

  • Full Customisations

Full flexibility and control as you can add images, videos and even time delay replies to humanize convos to make it sound all natural.

How Does It Work?

Step #1: Select

Botstar Review

Select from our premium range of 50 done for you templates in different niches OR start your own custom one from scratch.

Step #2: Drag-n-Drop

Botstar Review

Use Botstar’s powerful visual flow editor that makes creating your chatbot a breeze! Simply drag-n-drop your content to your style, so you never have to worry about any code.

Step #3: Customize

Botstar Review

Full flexibility and control to customize your chatbot to your taste… You can add your branding, text, images, videos, buttons, audios, call to actions by dragging and dropping it in.

Step #4: Hit “Publish”

Botstar Review

That’s it you’re done! Your new powerful chatbot is now ready to work for you 24/7, automating your sales, marketing and even customer support.

Botstar Review –  My Experience In Using

In this section, I’m going to show you what exactly inside Botstar. Before starting I’d like to say that I used this product as beta version and almost features are there.

Let’s now login to Botstar dashboard:

Botstar Review

Here’s Bot management dashboard:

Botstar Review

Now, we will walk through the modules of Botstar and how to create a simple chatbot.

1/Build Module 

This module allows you to shape your chatbot without coding, organize dynamic content and unlock the power of machine-learning. You only drag and drop the blocks to create your chatbot.

Botstar Review

  • Flow Editor

Flow Editor is the heart of BotStar. Designing a solid main flow is the foremost important task when creating a chatbot before even thinking about how to make it smart.

Within the Flow Editor, you can set up conversation blocks, connect them together, provide instruction on navigation. You can even load data dynamically into the flow, run the code fast and easilly.

  • CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is one of special features by BotStar. With CMS, you can create and manage digital content for your bot. Also, CMS allows your users browse your products on chatbot easily. CMS by BotStar are made of Entity and Item:

 – Entity is a set of items that have the same attributes (fields).

 – Item is data object that has attributes (fields) defined and grouped by Entity

Botstar Review

  • Training

If Flow Editor is the backbone of your bot, Training is the flesh. Users will not always follow your designed flow. They might choose to disrupt it by asking a random question totally unrelated to the previous messages. A well trained chatbot will handle more edge cases.

So, training is the feature that helps your bot to increase the ability to understand user’s input even with typos or different wording.

The more set and phrases you add to your bot over the time, it will become smarter over the time and be able to teach itself to understand more. Thus, Training is suitable for things that are text-heavy such as F.A.Q, Diagnose or small talks.

Botstar Review

2/Connect Module 

This module allows you connect your chatbot to your site, your FB messenger. You easy to publish your chatbot, make it go live and give your audience an omnichannel experience.

Botstar Review

BotStar can integrate your bot into website in two ways:

  • BotStar’s Website Chat Plugin: A proprietary livechat widget is built by BotStar. It’s highly customizable and allow better branding. Your end users won’t have to log-in to use this chat.
  • Facebook Messenger’s Customer Chat Plugin: allows you to integrate Messenger directly into your website. Chat users on website can receive broadcasts via Facebook Messenger.

Botstar Review

Growth Tools are powerful features that help bring more users to your chatbot in different ways on Facebook. There are 4 tools available in BotStar named Messenger Ref URLMessenger CodeLanding Page and Comment Trigger.

Botstar Review


Besides, integrate your chatbot to FB messenger and Website. You also can integrate your bot with hundreds of apps to create workflows that work for you.

Botstar Review

3/Automation Module

With Automation module, you easy to create Campaigns or Check points to capture and enrich audience information, then focus on generating new leads & orders by reducing your effort on low-value contacts.

Botstar Review

4/Engage Module

Engage and grow chatbot audience by enhancing elementor functionality and adding exquisite modules to your page editor.

Botstar Review

  • Inbox

Inbox is a tool that allows you to communicate with your users right in BotStar. It allows you to jump in a conversation and answer the questions through using Human Takeover, manage users’ data manually by adding tag and send them messages.

  • Broadcast

Broadcast supports chatbot operator to send a one-off customised message to the subscribers. Broadcast messages are often used to send users important tips, promotions or latest business updates. Sending Broadcast is a powerful marketing tool. Using BotStar Broadcast, you can send marketing notifications to all users to engage customers and sustain their loyalty.

5/Manage Module

Keep track of chatbot operation and collect valuable insights of your customers to enhance bot performance.

Botstar Review

6/Create Simple chatbot

In this section, I’ll show to you step-by-step how to create a simple bot using Botstar app. Before doing anything, the very first and most important thing you need to think about is defining a clear goal to accomplish. You need to define which purposes your chatbot have to satisfy after being completely built.

In order to create a bot, you need to walk through 4 simple steps. Let’s now take a look at each of  these steps in detail.

Step #1: Choose templates

On Bot Management dashboard, You click ” Create a New Bot” button and then select your template:

Botstar Review

Here’re the ChatBot templates in any niches:

Botstar Review

You can see all templates in different niches. You can also filter templates base on your niche.

Botstar Review

For my example, I’ll show the templates in “Commercial” niche and then select “Flower Shop ChatBot”

Botstar Review

Before selecting your template, you can click on “Preview” button to preview it.

Botstar Review

Now, I’ll preview “Flower Shop Chatbot” temaplate. Here’s “Flower Shop Chatbot” preview:

Botstar Review

And then you click on “Clone” button to start creating bot process.

Step #2: Setting Your Bot

1/Setting your bot

Botstar Review

At this step, you enter your Bot Name, choose Bot Avatar, select Primary language and Timezone.

2/ Connect chatbot to your site or FB messenger

Botstar Review

Step #3: Customize Your Bot

After setting up some basic functions for bot, you click on “Next” button to “Review” step and then click on “Create Bot” button to Botstar Editor

Botstar Review

Here’s Botstar Editor:

Botstar Review

You can see full flexibility and control to customize your chatbot to your taste… You can add your branding, text, images, videos, buttons, audios, call to actions by dragging and dropping it in.

In order to training your bot, you click on “Build” menu then select “Training”

Botstar Review

This feature helps increasing your bot’s ability to understand user’s input even with typos or different wording.

Step #4: Publish

Before publishing your bot, you click on “Preview” button to preview your bot.

Botstar Review

And then click on “Publish” button to publish your bot to your site or your FB messenger.

Botstar Review


If all of points are not enough please check out the demo videos before you make decision.

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Botstar Review – 60 Seconds Challenge Demo


Botstar Review – Incredible Chatbots

Check out just some of the incredible chatbots you can create with botstar…all made in a few clicks!

Restaurant Chatbot

Car Dealership Chatbot

Dentist Chatbot

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Pros & Cons


  • 100% cloud based
  • Easy to use
  • ​Drag-n-drop
  • ​Cloud based
  • ​Works for messenger & websites
  • ​No coding or tech skills needed
  • ​50 hot done for you templates ready to use
  • Integrate your bot to hundreds apps
  • Easy to integrate your bot to your FB messenger and your sites.


You have to train your bot and install the plugin to integrate your bot to your sites.

Who Should Use It?

Botstar is new A.I Chatbot Software For FB Messenger & Websites. With Botstar, you can get up to 80% higher engagement rates than Email & Video. Easily build massive lists, nurture leads & generate sales without spending a dime! So I’ve highly recommended this app for:

  • Ecom Store Owner
  • All online marketer
  • Local business
  • Reseller
  • Developer
  • Blogger

Botstar OTO And Price

FE: Botstar >>More Detail<<

Price: $47 

They save $1200 in annual subscriptions, as it usually cost $120/year just to build and host 1 chatbot. The deal they get is already heavily discounted, no monthly or yearly fees. The starting price will be $47 one time, the scarcity is that price will double and become monthly subscription once launch ends. On top of that, there will be small price increments of $2 every 24 hours, first one kicks in on the 2nd, but there will be a coupon to always bring it back down to the original price. 

Product Description 

As you know, chat marketing is the biggest marketing opportunity of the next few years, however hardly any businesses are using chat automation to reach and connect with customers. From broadcasting 1 blast, it’s proven to get up to 80% open rates, which blows email marketing out the water. The bottom line is, everyone already uses Messenger everyday, so it’s important to leverage that to drive more traffic, leads and sales.

New A.I Chatbot Software For FB Messenger & Websites. Build your interactive chatbot in minutes, without no coding skills – it’s drag-n-drop simple! Botstar Will Automate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support 24/7 In One Easy To Use Dashboard.

You’ll realise the quality of the app when you start using it, the drag-n-drop technology, 50+ done for you templates, unlimited versatility built in and all it’s powerful features is unlike anything else out there.

Upsell #1: Botstar Deluxe >>More Details<<

Price: $67 one time

The first upsell basically gives them access to all features, no restrictions, plus they get double the number of chatbots, only 15 chat bots can be created on the frontend, but on the deluxe they can create 30. They also get double number of team members (Virtual assistants) they can add to their dashboard.

Additional Features unlocked as follows:

  • Machine learning training

BotStar’s special feature that allows your chatbot to utilize a contextual understanding of a question towards its resolution, using trained keywords

  • Multiple Languages 

Accessibility to multilingual function. The default language is English

  • Access to Growth Tools

This is the biggest benefit of this upgrade. This will skyrocket their traffic, leads & sales. You can set up Growth Tools to boost the interaction of a bot with users through different methods.

  • Keyword AI

Customer types in a word or a phrase, and the bot automatically matches that word or phrase with a pre-loaded response.

  • Chatbot On Multi Platform

Connect your bot to your Websites and Facebook Messenger plus 1,500+ Apps via Integration.

BotStar’s special set of tools that help attract more users to your chatbot, including Messenger Ref URL, Landing Page & Comment Trigger.

  • Messenger Ref URL

A viewer accessing this bot via this landing URL will trigger a designated message set by you. You can customise that first message to their first or last name, and many other atrributes.

  • Landing Page Button

The “Send to Messenger” button can be used on a landing page, so you can build your list easily, without the person having to opt into a form, like they do with email. As soon as someone clicks the “Send to messenger” button, they would automatically be added to the backend as a subscriber, which you can send chatblasts to like an email broadcast.

  • Comment trigger

This is used on facebook posts that are made. Botstar will basically mass auto reply to any comments that have been made on the post by others, so this saves them a ton of time of having to reply manually.

With the growth tools, they’ll be able to take their online business to the next level. They’ll be able to build lists by being able to create Messenger optin forms and subscribe buttons on websites.

With the “comment trigger” feature, it means the bot automatically respond to comments on a Facebook post and sends messages to customers automatically (very powerful)

  • Team Inbox

BotStar’s tailored tool to communicate with other team members right on the platform.

  • Analytics

BotStar’s in-depth analytics tool that provides overview of chatbot activities and other important subscribers’ metrics.

Botstar OTO

Upsell #2: Botstar Platinum>>More Details<<

Price: $67 one time

This will be one time purchase. With the agency license… they get all the following below:

  • Double the amount of bots from the deluxe version, so they can create up to 100 chatbots more.
  •  Double the amount of teams and virtual assistants who have access to your dashboard. Up to 40 team members can be added.
  • BotStar’s Enterprise feature to customize team members access on multiple levels. Ideal for larger teams & agencies
  • Done For You Website (Highly valuable)

You will get a professional designed agency website, which has all the bells and whistles, ready for you to start selling your chatbot services.

Your website is already filled with all the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients. Just customize it as per your requirements and get started right away.

The stunning designs you’ll see on these websites are crafted by our in-house team of 6-figure website designers. The websites are not some amateur work done on WordPress.

These designers charge more than $7k normally to create such a website for businesses.

  • Ready Made Email/Sales Script

You will get the powerful persuasive sales scripts in order to entice local businesses to buy your chatbot services. You get a done for you email template, which you can send to start getting clients right away.

Simply copy and paste this created-to-convert email sequence into your favorite autoresponder service provider to deliver to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected. These mail templates are written by a team of professional copywriters with inputs from marketing gurus who have tons of experience and know exactly what to say in order to convert cold leads into hot buying customers.

Upsell #3: Botstar Training Bootcamp>>More Details<<

Price: $97

Step by step training course on how you can approach, find and close local business clients. How to use Botstar to create chatbots for local businesses and charge them hundreds of dollars each.

This is a 6 hour video training course. Plus they get extra 40 bots they can create and 40 team members they can add to their account. Here are the sections in this training:

  • Section 1: Promoting Botstar To Local Businesses
  • Section 2: Setting Up Botstar Chat Bot For Local Business
  • Section 3: Botstar Integration
  • Section 4: Creating Automated Botstar Campaigns
  • Section 5: Defining Audiences In Botstar
  • Section 6: Generating Traffic, Leads, And Sales For Any Business With Botstar
  • Section 7: Botstar Marketing
  • Section 8: Botstar Chatbot Design Best Practices (All PowerPoints)

Please see this document to see the outline of the detailed training covered in this:

Check out the details here


Chatbots are the future of marketing, so if you are not using this technology, you will risk losing thousands of dollars down the line and so much time.

Trust me, you cannot find a deal like this anywhere online. That packs so much value and gives you the results you want.

Thank for reading my Botstar review.

Bonuses From Vendor

Note: You will automatically receive these bonuses on the thank you page

Bonus #1: Botstar WordPress Plugin

Botstar OTO

Get the Best ChatBot Plugin for WordPress – WPBot More Leads, Conversions and Satisfied customers! WPBot is the first & only WordPress Integrated, Plug n’ Play ChatBot that can improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions & increase conversions!

Bonus #2: Flat Visual Chat v5.385

Botstar OTO

This unique chat not only allows you to communicate with your customers, but also to guide them through the pages of the site showing them visually any element.

Bonus #3: Chat Bot for WooCommerce

Botstar OTO

WoowBot is a Plug n’ play WooCommerce Shopping Chat Bot WordPress plugin that can help Increase your store Sales perceptibly. Shoppers can converse fluidly with the Bot – thanks to its Integration with Google’s Natural Language Processing (AI and NLP) through Dialogflow, Search and Add products to the cart directly from the chat interface and get Support.

Bonus #4: Support Board v1.2.9 – Chat And Help Desk

Botstar OTO

Support Board is a powerful solution to communicate with your users. Complete tickets system, chat, dedicated membership system and much more. No coding skills required! Support desk and chat plugin for WordPress. A complete solution to provide support to your audience. The first WordPress plugin with a complete bot integration powered by API.AI by Google. The cheapest and best Slack integration.

Bonus #5: Contact us all-in-one button with callback v1.5.8

Botstar OTO

“Contact us all-in-one button” displays on every page of your site and provide as many contact methods as you whant. You can choose what of contact methods will be displayed on desktop and mobile versions of your site separately. Also that way you can set one link for desktop version and another for mobile.

Bonus #6: Catchers Helpdesk and Ticket System

Botstar OTO

Your potential clients can reach you via email or by using the contact form. You can respond to emails and your customers will receive immediate replies. Catchers Helpdesk will poll an external POP3/IMAP account on a regular basis, retrieve email messages and convert them to tickets

Bonus #7: Soci Video Gamer

Botstar OTO

Engage and convert your visitors with interactive social network video puzzle!

The brandable HTML5 Social Video Puzzle is an interactive YouTube video puzzle game with social network share. It splits the video into several pieces, shuffles them and the user has to put them back into the correct order to claim your special offer. This script can be used for creating a “buffer” page for social media marketing or engaging landing page to convert visitors. Truly the easiest and most effective way to increase engagement and conversions!


Not only does this tool offers easy and fast installation (no database or app setup needed), you also get the following benefits:

  1. Attract more

It helps you attract more visitors to your website, products or services on a daily basis.

  1. Engage more

The video puzzle game engages them and encourages them to share their excitement with friends.

  1. Convert more

People enjoy a challenge and like to be rewarded for their effort so playing the video puzzle game gets them invested to take action – visit and claim your offer! Helping you increase conversions like never before!.

Bonus #8: TubeLytics

Botstar OTO

This is an all-in-one Youtube tool combined with 12 different kinds of features for Youtube. It’s the most complete analytics & marketing tools for Youtube. Both channel and video analytics are available. You can schedule video upload with it. Not only that we have the option to create live event easily with the application. It has best complete search option for Youtube video. All the advance parameter for searching Youtube video. Playlist, channel search engine are also available. After searching video, you will able to download video. The tool has feature to grab video tags that they have used. And many more.

Bonus #9: Vid Survey

Botstar OTO

This is a mobile-based application for gathering information about products which are launched in the market. The gathered information can be used for business and research purposes.

Respondents can answer the questionnaire according to their own pace and preferences. The questionnaire will be answered through video and uploaded to a server.

Points will be generated for the complete review’s and updated in their profile.

Vid Survey is a sophisticated tool that provides the enriched solution to get reviews to products/services via video survey/review. Using Vid survey, you can give 24/7 support to your customer without any difficulties. This is a process of gathering information and analyzing the results from the audience over the network.

VRS will allow you to easily create your survey questions using a Web App. Users can start earning rewards by completing online survey anytime and anywhere via mobile.

Bonus #10: Vidsticky

Botstar OTO

This is a powerful sticky responsive video / audio player that can be added at the top or bottom of the page in a fixed position over the page content, it can be installed in any type of web page, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop and it can play local video or audio, streaming video or audio from a server, Youtube videosor Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used format on the web) and it will work on mobile devices or desktop machines no matter which browser is used. Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple instances manager, flexible skin, HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support, 360 degree video / virtual reality / VR, share window, cuepoints, multiple subtitles, video quality selector, subtitle selector, video annotations etc, it makes it the best and most flexible and complete stikcy video and audio player available on sale.

Bonus #11: Vidbuilder (Video Sales Page Funnel Builder)  

Botstar OTO

This is a WP page builder plugin to create video sales pages. Build a responsive video sales page and manage your content easily with intuitive Builder editor. No programming knowledge required – Create video sales pages for your products that load 85% faster than traditional wordpress pages. It is compatible with any active WordPress Theme. It supports Youtube, Vimeo and MP4 Videos.

Bonus #12: PressPlay (Ultimate Video Player)

Botstar OTO

This is a powerful responsive video / audio player that can play local video (mp4) / audio (mp3), streaming videos or audios from a server, Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. It only requires the mp4 / mp3 format (the best and most used formats on the web) and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used, this is made possible by incorporating multiple video engines in an really smart way inside the video player logic. Ultimate Video Player supports unlimited playlists and each playlist can have unlimited videos. The playlists can be loaded from a simple HTML markup, XML file, mixed playlist (vimeo | youtube | HTML5 video / audio), video folder (mp4 files), audio folder (mp3 files), youtube playlist or vimeo playlist.

Packed with a huge amount of features like responsive layout, multiple playlists, external API, optional deeplinking, responsive skin, embed & share, share window, annotations, video quality selector, subtitle selector, 360 degree / virtual reality / VR support,audio support with real time spectrum visualizer, pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll video or image, image advertisment, HTTP Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support, etc it makes it the best and most impressive video player available in our space.

My Upgrade Bonuses

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Bonus Package 2- WordPress Plugins & Web Scripts

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content App

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step1: Order Botstar through my site

Step2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

email: or contact me on this page.

Step3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package

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