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Animaytor Review

Animaytor Review – Introduction

Hey, Nzoe here,

I’m an online marketer and I have online business.

With me, video is the number 1 choice and it should be a vital part of your content marketing strategy.The average attention span of an online user is eight seconds. Maybe less. So if you add a video instead of writing long posts, chances are you could get better customer engagement or they could easily get distracted with a block of words.

But we get that videos are complicated.

You take time to learn yet another skill and think of the overhead:

– The software, tools and the monthly fees

– The in-house or hired freelancers

– The designers

– The animators

– The editors

And yes, let’s not forget the weeks of waiting in sheer pain that may not be what you envisioned or agreed upon.

You see, for each hour you spend wasting time hiring, firing or learning something that seems so intricate…

Could be time well spent generating sales.

But is video even worth it?

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic.

Videos are shared on social media 1200% more than images and text.

So why don’t you take advantage of this audience and demand attention?

Your competitors may be way ahead of you, and you don’t even know it!

But here’s the good news… All those are things of the past because the future of video creation is here.
It’s called Animaytor. An innovative software that gives you professional animation videos at your fingertips. Check out my Animaytor Review for details. Can it be worth your time and cash?

Animaytor Review

Animaytor Review – Overview

Vendor:Mo Latif et al
Launch Date:2019-Jun-03
Launch Time:10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$47
Animaytor Coupon Code: Copy Now
Official Sale Page:Click Here
Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]

Animaytor Review – About Creator

Mo Latif is not only a supplier but also a talented marketer. He emptied hundreds of products and launched them on JVZoo. They helped people know his name with huge sales records.

Some of his successful products are Flickstr, Social Video Suite, Profit Crusher and many others. He works with colleagues to create these quality products.

What Is Animaytor?

Animaytor is a revolutionary, game-changing software for animated videos on demand.

The world’s smartest and most powerful animation video studio with innovative drag and drop technology so you can create animation videos  like never before. The finest animations you’ll experience without designing, video or technical skills!

Animaytor is designed for everyone, you don’t have to think just create, and it all works automatically.

Animaytor is an innovative software that gives you professional animation videos at your fingertips.

But that’s not all.

You can create videos fast.

All you have to do is click, edit and animayte!

It’s easy and with this powerful tool, you get done-for-you templates that you can quickly edit and make videos within minutes!

You can create unlimited videos and produce them anytime, anywhere.

No more waiting, no more monthly fees and no more production costs to worry about!

And here’s the best part…You can also earn money using Animaytor.

That’s right.With the commercial license you can sell these videos for 100% profit!

You won’t have to worry about any royalty fees or copyright fees.You can charge your clients instead.

Animaytor is your all-in-one video selling machine.

Get started today and create the fastest videos you’ll ever make and get paid.

What Can You Do With Animaytor?

  • Video sales letters

Exceptional animated video sales letters on demand to sell your products and services! Present your message and connect with your target audience in animation.

  • Blog post videos

Blog post videos to promote an upcoming event. Lower your bounce rate by 34% and increase your Google rankings tremendously for free organic traffic with every new video post.

  • Viral or social media videos

Viral or social media videos to boost your brand and build awareness. Create social video posts to promote your business for the world to see, like, comment and share!

  • Explainer videos

Explainer videos to showcase your product and service with background music, sound effects and a voiceover to capture attention. The perfect way to present online or offline.

How To Create Your Animation Video With Animaytor?

Creating an explainer video involves a lot of steps, from the concept to the actual production. It is often a long and a very grueling process. Whether you’d like to work with a video agency or hire a freelancer, here are the steps involved that you should follow.
Step 1 – Your Idea
Before beginning a video or a project, you should know what your goal is. Would you like people to optin, buy a product or download something?
Your end goal should be crystal clear. If you work with an agency or a freelancer, you need a consultation call to discuss your brand, your audience and some pain points, your hopes and your desires.
The goal of your video should be clearly understood by both parties, and the message that you want to send should be concise.
Step 2 – Your Script
After finding out more about your business, your script will be written based on your audience and the goal of your video. When writing the script, the psychological triggers of a buyer or viewer should also be targeted so that the video is engaging.
Step 3 – Your Voiceover
After writing your script, the voiceover artist has to record it in a studio. You have the option to choose among several artists, with different accents and tones. You should dictate what tone you’d like to use for the video.
Step 4 – Your Storyboard
Before the actual animated video gets done, it all starts with a visual representation first, which is called a storyboard.
The concept, the elements, the images to be used, the framework and the overall look and feel of your video will be outlined. This is the foundation of your video and what will be followed during production.
Step 6 – Sound FX & Music
The right music brings the entire video to life. It establishes an emotional connection with your viewers and can make the video more attention-grabbing. It takes viewers on a journey, triggers their emotions so they take action.
Step 7 – Production
Now that your video has all the final elements including voiceover, transitions, animation and sound FX, it’s time to produce the video. After reviewing the file, you can either have revisions or accept the final output. Once you approve, it’s time to get this show on the road!

But with Animaytor, you need walk through 3 simple steps and you won’t need any technical skills to get started. All you need to do is:

Step 1 – Select a theme you like.

Select from a range of themes or start from scratch. Easy to use with simple drag and drop, point and click.

Animaytor Review
Step 2 – Customize your content.

Customize everything from the content, to the effects, the transitions, the voiceover, the sound and background music.

With any slide, you only drag and drop move elements in this slide to the position you like

Animaytor Review

Animaytor allows you can easily change the background, text, audio and more.

Change Background

Animaytor Review

Change Text

Animaytor Review

if you want to add images, access Image section and there is a huge library for you to choose including Character, Animations, Callouts, Effects, Graphics, Overlays, Shapes.

There are two methods to you add images that import from animaytor library or you can choose to upload your own

Animaytor Review

And then click Import Image to import images from animaytor library

Add audio

Animaytor Review

Add Transition between slides.

You can choose a lot of transition effects: Gif Animation, Move Left, Move Right, Move Up, Move Down, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fade in. When I choose Gif Animation, simply pick one from build-in library

Animaytor Review

Step 3 – Publish and get ready for profit!
With this dynamic done-for-you software, you can easily create compelling videos that are informative and captivating.

Animaytor Review – Product Features

In this section, I’m going to show the details for Animaytor features, please check out this section before you make decision.

  • 30 Done-For-You Templates

Animaytor Review

With 30 done-for-you animated templates, you can effortlessly create professionally engaging videos by simply point and clicking. You have ready-to-use templates that you can customize as much as you like. Change the animation, font, text, call to action or style — everything is under your control! You won’t need any editing skills or design background because everything is literally made for you!

  • Drag-N-Drop Animaytor

Animaytor Review

You can choose a template or start from scratch with a blank canvas. You can customize with ease, point and click to edit your content and effects for exciting and unique animated videos. You can drag every little thing on each slide to any position for perfect timing; change the duration and order of appearance too.

  • Automated 1 Click Slide Creator

Animaytor Review

It’s easy. Simply paste your script or content and the software instantly creates your slides for you on your command. No need to paste your text line by line or slide by slide. Doing this saves you a ton of time! Gone are the days of manual slide editing and creation. You can now easily paste and go! Upload, click, tada! Instant slides done in seconds!

  • Kinetic Animation Effects

Animaytor Review

Thrill your viewers with transitions and text effects. Excite them with smooth moving elements, futuristic slide effects and appearances. Show them professional animation that you can achieve in just a few clicks. With all these movements going on, you’ll never have a bored audience ever again.

  • Background Wow Themes

Pick a background of your choice that is the right fit for your audience in 1 click. With these done-for-you themes, you can easily preview, drag, drop and select the background you like. Choose pre-made themes without the hassle of creating them from scratch. Clone, edit and add new slides instantly!

  • Animate Transitionfx

Animaytor Review

Keep your audience glued to their screen with cinematic transitions and effects. Wow them with your professionalism that make their jaws drop. You get powerful engagement with animated movement at all stages. Even add titles with transitions, applying filters and so much more!

  • Textfx Special

Animaytor Review

Flat and static display of videos is so 1990. You need to shock, awe and surprise your viewers to keep them glued to your videos. That’s why you get multiple Entrance & Exit Directions with 120 combinations. Surprise your viewers with pro-quality effects. No more boring Powerpoints.

  • Text To Speech

Animaytor Review

No time for a voiceover? No problem. We have you covered. Simply pick a voice and let SpeakFX do the talking for you. You have 40 voices to choose from depending on your preference in male or female voices across 19 languages! Bye bye Fiverr.

  • Dual Timeline Editor

Animaytor Review

Editing is a pain. Until now. It super easy, simple and fun. That’s the experience you get with the beginner-friendly, yet precisioned interface, with multi layers for instant audio, sound and video edits for the ultimate director’s cut. It’s so easy, even a 12- year old can use it! Happy Spielberg’ing!

  • 1 Click Perfect Syncfx

Animaytor Review

Ever watched a movie voice “synced” badly? It’s annoying so become GREAT with SyncFX “exactly” where you want, before and after slides. Get FULL control of your production and get your timing to match up all with one click! No more amateur mistakes because you’ve got a pro dashboard to do the work!

What Are You Waiting For?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.Take Action To Day And You’ll Visit Official Sale Page

Also Get The Following Fast – Action Bonus!

Animaytor Review – Demo Video

If all points are not enough to you understand this product, please walk through the demo video below:

Animaytor Review – Compare Animaytor To Other Product

Animaytor Review

I think that after reading the sections above, you’ve understood what Animaytor. In this part I’ll show you comparison between animytor and other product.

With Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator you have to pay for every month to create your designs.

Once you figured out how to design the stuff inside Photoshop, then you need to pay for Adobe After Effects or Camtasia software to animate those designs.

Figure out how to make things move and animate icons, text, transitions with kinetic effects.

These software are great yet come with a blank canvas, so you need to watch a lot of tutorial videos and figure out how to use them.

You’ll need a voiceover artist if you don’t want to use your voice and on average it could cost you $250 for commercial use.

And if you want your video to pop, you will need background music and sounds effects which on average costs $250 for commercial use too.

With Animaytor, you can create unlimited videos and produce them anytime, anywhere. No more waiting, no more monthly fees and no more production costs to worry about!
And here’s the best part…You can also earn money using Animaytor. That’s right.
With the commercial license you can sell these videos for 100% profit! You won’t have to worry about any royalty fees or copyright fees.

Animaytor Review – Should You Buy Animaytor?

Now, I’ll present my honest opinions and reasons you should use Animaytor.

As you know there are 3 Proven Ways to Get Your Animated Videos

Without a doubt, your business needs video.

Do you find yourself wondering where to begin or how to get started?

It sure looks easy on the outset until you start the process.

It is a lot of work, so could be feeling a bit overwhelmed at this stage. But don’t worry, it’s quite simple because there are 3 proven ways you can get an animated explainer video.

Video Agency

A video agency has an experienced team that could create your video, from start to finish. You won’t need to hire anyone else because they usually take care of everything.

They create animated videos based on your business goals. They take the time to discuss everything from the conceptualizing to the production.

They have an in-house graphic artist to walk you through the storyboards.

They also have video editors, animators and voiceover artists so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

They’ll take care of your entire video, including sound fx and background music.

If you need revisions to your video, they usually allow changes or revise for free. However, you will have to pay for changes to the voiceover if you have any. Once you’ve approved the final version of the video, you’re good to go!

Once you choose a video agency you’d like to work with, be prepared to spend anywhere between $1,000 or $3,000 per minute. So if your animated video is around 3 minutes long, $9,000 is your spend on one video.

The upside is, it’s professional but the downside is, it’s expensive.

Animaytor Review


A more affordable alternative is to hire freelancers to do the work for you. This is a very popular option among small business owners because it isn’t as expensive as getting an agency.

You’d have to find a reliable freelancer that can commit to the work and to the timeframe you desire. You can select from several websites like, or

Freelancers are from several parts of the world and the going rate for animators is usually around $75-$175 per hour range.

You have to explain your requirements to your freelancer, so he or she could create a

Storyboard for you. There could be a language barrier to communication, so be prepared for that as well.

But remember, you’re getting a freelancer for your animated video only. You still have to find a copywriter for your script. They usually charge $150 – $300 per hour.

Once you have an approved script, you have to hire a professional voiceover artist to read your script so that your video could tell your story. A voiceover artist charges anywhere from $65-$375 per hour.

You’d have to go through the process of revisions and approvals, and once you get your final video, you’re ready to share it to the world!

Technically, you become the agency and handle all the moving parts of completing an explainer video. It’s definitely less expensive to hiring an agency, but the stress to completion magnifies.

Do It Yourself

This is probably the most affordable and effective especially if you’re starting out and on a shoestring budget. When you decide to do things yourself, you get to save a lot of money.

You have to however invest a lot of time learning how everything works and how to operate software at a high standards too.

Most video editors use Adobe After Effects to create animated explainer videos. There will be bouts of trial and error.

Sometimes it may take weeks to learn how to edit, depending on how fast you can do things.

Just be ready to invest a lot of time learning and using the software.

Animaytor Review

After you’ve mastered the skill, it’s time to create your storyboard. If you know your way around Adobe Photoshop, that would be better. But if you’re just starting, there’s a learning process here too.

After your storyboard is ready, you’d have to hire a copywriter to write your script UNLESS of course, you want to do it yourself. If you’re confident enough with your writing, then fire away!

Once you have your script finalized, you can now choose a voiceover artist to work on your script.

Now, it’s production time. This is where all the actual work lies. After weeks of learning Adobe software, Photoshop and After Effects, you now put everything you’ve learned into play.

Get ready to spend time editing because this part is really time consuming!

But once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the fact that you made everything all on your own, from scratch!

And if you need another explainer video, you’ll have start the process from scratch again.

Anyways, before producing your final video, you need to purchase some stock music for the background and sound fx.

This can cost roughly $50 per download. After you sync the voice over, get ready to produce and share to the world!

With everything you’ve read here, you now have the option to decide which method you’ll take
to create your animated explainer video.

What if you could create professional animated videos without hiring a freelancer or a video
What if you could skip finding a voiceover artist?
Can you already see how much money you could save?
Imagine using a video software without any technical skills or design experience…
Then, picture yourself simply point and clicking, drag and dropping till you get a compelling
animated video ready to use for your business. Visit Animaytor and see it in action to believe it!
You can thank us later because I’ve already saved you lots and lots of time and thousands of thousands of dollars!

What Are You Waiting For?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.Take Action To Day And You’ll Visit Official Sale Page

Also Get The Following Fast – Action Bonus!

Who Should Use It?

Animaytor is the new generation of animation and it’s also and easiest, fastest and most powerful animation software. With this software, everything you create looks amazing. So I recommend this product for:

Website owners

Give your website a facelift by adding vibrant animated videos on your home page, product and service pages. Welcome a new visitor or thank them for filling out a contact form with video. Increase conversions by 80% by adding video on your website!

Affiliate Marketers

70% of marketers report videos convert better than any other medium. Maximize your revenue by embedding them in your emails and on social channels. Use them on paid ad campaigns across your advertising channels to get more sales!


Create fun and new content for your viewers because 59% of people would rather watch a video than read text! Feature a new animated video for every new post you publish, or use these to promote a new giveaway you have on your blog! You have unlimited possibilities!

Social Media Marketers

Set yourself apart from the rest with these breath-of-fresh-air videos that attract attention, boost engagement and dominate the market! Use these videos to connect with your audience. Amp up your social media strategy and surprise your audience by mixing text posts, images and videos regularly.

Authors and Publishers

Advertise your new book or publication with a new explainer video with your book cover. Give your readers a teaser video and talk about your plot with a cool animated video that tell your story. Speak and connect with your readers through animated videos with every book you release!

Paid Advertisers

Brilliantly make videos that stand out from the competition and magnetize your buyers and viewers instantly. No need to worry about fees because you get 100% commercial broadcast rights too. Use these animated videos and advertise on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google and watch the sales pour in!

eCommerce Store Owners

Showcase your products and sell 792% more with gorgeous videos that impress your buyers. You can embed your videos on your product page and make a carousel promoting a special of the day. You can also create sale announcements or discounts and share these videos on paid or non-paid channels.

Offline Businesses

Distribute and promote your sensational videos with your products to your customers so they can visit your physical store without spending extra money on magazine ads, TV commercials or radio ads. That’s almost 100% savings on offline advertising and get the highest return on investment!

Pros & cons


Create unlimited videos

100% newbie friendly.

Commercial license

Easiest, Fastest, Powerful Software

No skills

No freelancers

No time wasted

No monthly fees

24/7 support


I have to install on your computer

Animaytor OTOsAnd Price

Animaytor Coupon Code

Front End >>More  Details<<

Breakthrough, Innovative Video Software that creates professional HIGH-Quality animated videos on demand. Click. Edit. Animayte. NO video skills, design ability or technical experience needed. 100% Newbie-Friendly and Ready-2-Animayte!

  • FE Features

30 Animation Themes (done-for-you) multi-slide, pre-made & 100% customizable!

Animated Videos on Demand

Automated Video Generator

Text Effect Animation

Kinetic Animation Effects

Text2SpeechFX (40 voices |19 languages)

Animate TransitionFX

1 Click VoiceSyncFX

Dual Timeline Editor

Studio-quality videos in HD

Zero conversion costs and no monthly costs

Exclusive Launch Special : FULL Commercial Rights | Sell videos for 100% profits.

Watermark (image or text) adjust transparency, size, and location.

Animaytor OTO #1: Maximizer >>More  Details<<

Studio Quality 20 Done-For-You Animation Videos, 50 Transition Effects, 50 Visual Elements, 100 Music Tracks!

20 Animation Themes (Done-For-You)

TextTranslateFX (International)

Text2SpeechFX (International)

7 Built in Slide Transitions

2nd State Pan & Zoom

50 Transition Effects

50 Visual Elements

Full HD 1920×1080

Exclusive Launch Special: Full Commercial Rights | Sell videos for 100% profits.

Massive Super-Duper Launch Exclusive: Get the official, full & Final, OTO1 VSL template that you can edit and use for your own business or for your clients.

Animaytor OTO #2: Animaytor Premium >>More  Details<<

Unlimited Live Action Videos, 30 Studio Quality Done-For-You Niche Templates Fully Editable and Brandable, 2000 videos with commercial rights, 30 In-Video Social Callouts, 500 NEW HD Videos Delivered in the Next Month!

  • OTO 2 Features

30 Niche Templates Fully Editable and Brandable

Fully-Featured & Dynamic Video Maker

Create Unlimited Live Action Videos

Audio & Voice Recorder

Kinetic Text Animation

Kinetic Transition Animation

Full HD 1920×1080

Exclusive Launch Special: Full Commercial Rights | Sell videos for 100% profits.

Super Bonus: Promotional Video

Done for you video marketing service videos to sell your services FULLY editable with scripts to customise to your business.

Massive Super-Duper Launch Exclusive: Get the Official, Full & Final, OTO2 VSL template that you can edit and use for your own business or for your clients.

Animaytor Coupon Code

Animaytor OTO #3: Diamond >>More  Details<<

Studio Quality 40 Done-For-You Niche Templates with Image and Video, PowerPoint Style Videos, 1000 Transparent Images, 5000 Photos and Images, Customizable Video Scripts and Templates, 50 Borders, 60 Headers and Footers!

  • OTO 3 Features

40 Promotional Niche Templates

Make Powerpoint Style Videos

Add Product Imagery

Add Gifs & Gifs Animation

Add Animation Slides

1000 Transparent Images

5000 Photos & Images

Add videos, photos, gifs and images

Full Hd 1920×1080

Exclusive Launch Special: Full Commercial Rights | Sell videos for 100% profits.

Super Bonus: Promotional Video

Done for you video marketing service videos to sell your services FULLY editable with scripts to customise to your business.

Massive Super-Duper Launch Exclusive: Get the Official, Full & Final, OTO3 VSL template that you can edit and use for your own business or for your clients.

Animaytor OTO

Animaytor OTO #4: Enterprise >>More  Details<<

Developer, Agency, Outsourcer & Virtual Assistant License PLUS… DONE-FOR-YOU Niche Explainer Videos, Agency Crafted Local Niche Video Templates, Scripts and Voiceovers plus Graphics Creator!

  • OTO 4 Features

10 Done-For-You Niche Video Explainers

Local Video Agency Portfolio

10 Local Niche Done-For-You Video Templates

Text2SpeechFX International

Audio & Voice Recorder

100% Original Local Niche Scripts

Agency Crafted Local Niche Video Templates

Full Training & Videos Included To Get Results

100% Customizable Agency Templates and Copy Written Scripts

Full HD 1920×1080

Exclusive Launch Special: Full Commercial Rights | Sell videos for 100% profits.

Super Bonus:  Promotional Video

Done for you video marketing service videos to sell your services FULLY editable with scripts to customise to your business.

Massive Super-Duper Launch Exclusive: Get the Official, Full & Final, OTO4 VSL template that you can edit and use for your own business or for your clients.

Animaytor Review – Final Thought

Animaytor is a groundbreaking software that creates animation videos in just a few clicks!

And here’s the best part…

This software is built with you in mind, with an innovative, drag and drop technology so you can create animation videos like never before.

No breaking the bank, no freelancers, no time wasted and no more spending thousands.

Thak for reading my Animaytor Review.  Don’t forget early bird time  to save your cash because the prices will increase after this time.

What Are You Waiting For?

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.Take Action To Day And You’ll Visit Official Sale Page

Also Get The Following Fast – Action Bonus!

Fast – Action Bonus From Vendor

Bonus 1: 25 Premium Music Tracks

Animaytor Review

The right background music brings life to any video you make. It sets the mood and connects with your audience. Choose from any of our 25 premium and entertaining tracks, perfect for your video. You can also say goodbye to music royalty fees! No more paying for stock music.. ever!

Bonus 2: 100 Epic Fonts

What’s animation without cool, inviting to captivate fonts that shouts “through-the-screen” to grab your visitors attention. Show your audience a fresh new look every time. Play with various styles and create captivating text slides with over 100 of these beauties to choose from.

Bonus 3: 50 Soundfx

Animaytor Review

Dramatically elevate your videos with sound effects to make each scene more realistic. No more searching the internet for the right sound FX because we’ve got 50 for you to choose from! Use our most popular and in-demand sound effects to get the job done so you can be epic!

Bonus 4: 30 Social Icons

Promote your social media pages by adding them to your videos. Increase engagement for your social profiles to encourage likes and comments. Pick and click any social icon you want to invite your audience to follow you across multiple channels.

Bonus 5: 30 Cta Icons

When you make a video, you always want your viewers to take action, right? No need to learn Photoshop or create these icons from scratch. We’ve got them ready made for you! Whatever style or mood you’re in, choose from over 30 call-to-action icon designs!

Bonus 6: 50 Shapes & Elements

Animaytor Review

Surprise your viewers with fresh elements and enhance your videos with different shapes to give more value to your presentation. Paint a better picture and tell a better story with 50 styles and designs to choose from!

Exclusive One-Time Launch Special Commercial License

Launch Special #1: Full Commercial Rights

Animaytor Review

Sell videos for 100% profits. Produce unlimited videos (yep, as much as you want) for you to resell to other clients. Advertise and promote your videos through paid ads or organic posts. Royalty fees? ZERO! Number of videos you can create? UNLIMITED. Profit? LIMITLESS!

Launch Special #2: Watermark (Image Or Text)

Animaytor Review

Look like a pro and let others see your expertise with branded videos with your logo. You can add watermarks to the videos you’ll be selling so people can’t use them without your permission. You have the creative freedom to adjust the transparency and the size. You’ll get the complete professional look and feel!

My Upgrade Bonuses

Bonus Package 1 – Windows Desktop Applications

Bonus Package 2- WordPress Plugins & Web Scripts

Bonus Package 3 – Social And Content App

Bonus Package 4 – 20 Special Bonuses

Bonus Package 5 – 20 Online Marketing Tools

***3 Steps to claim Bonuses***

Step1: Order Animaytor through my site

Step2: After complete order, send [the receipt id] and bonus id of bonus package in a message to my

email: or contact me on this page.

Step3: I will send bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonuses

Choose one Bonus Package and follow my guide above to grab bonus Package


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