7 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2018

The list 7 SEO techniques are as follows:

  1. Make Your Site Super-Fast
  2. Maintain Mobile Friendliness
  3. Use Long Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy
  4. Update and Republish Old Blog Posts
  5. Link Building: Keep Quality in Mind, Not Quantity
  6. Make A Strong Presence on Social Media
  7. The Rise of Voice Search

Every Digital Marketer will be in hunger to know the latest SEO techniques. So as like other bloggers, i don’t confuse you. We will move to the topic directly.

Here are the 9 Advanced Seo techniques and this is the latest seo techniques

(1) Make Your Site Super-Fast

In this Seo technique, when we are concentrating or targeting the first position, then we need to be careful about our page load time, which is very essential now a days, because we are in the 5G generation, so no one waits and will not be having much patience till your page loads.

We are in Ground of google, and running among billion runners, we need to be fast in showing ourselves.

Slow loading time will gives you more Bounce Rate. We all know that more bounce rate, will deposition our page rank. So this is the first most point in SEO techniques to be concentrate, by doing this, there is a chance of increase in seo ranking.

For Page load time, the main thing we have to concentrate is Image optimization, reduce the image size without compromising the quality, the images should be in the responsive sizes, so that anyone can access from any browser or any device.

After performing image optimization, then check your website in google tool, this is specially designed tool to check the page load time from google. Another tool that you need to concentrate is GTmetrix, this the best ever tool i come across, it analysis complete website and gives the suggestion to improve your page load time. Increasing the page load time is one of the seo technique, and do remember this seo tip and trick.

Here you find in the screenshot page load speed by Google Tool.

Here is the another screenshot from Gtmetrics

Do remeber these search engine optimization techniques in load-time

  1. search engine optimization tip – Optimizing the images, with best quality in responsive size
  2. search engine optimization tip – After doing the on-page, then do check the site speed test.

(2) Maintain Mobile Friendliness

Second Seo technique that you need to know is that, we need to remember in this seo technique or search engine optimization techniques is mobile friendly design, in 21st century everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, so guy don’t ever forgot to choose the mobile friendly website design. So before planning any website ensure that website design is mobile friendly or not.

Most searches and traffic to the website comes from mobile devices only, so don’t do this silly mistake.

Google already announced an algorithm on 21 April 2015, this shows that your website is mobile friendly. The main point i have to say that “google bots will check first whether your website is mobile friendly or not”.

After the complete design of the website ensure whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Do remember these search engine optimization techniques in load-time

  1. Search Engine Optimization Tip – Google first see, whether your site is mobile friendly or not.

(3) Use Long Tail Keywords in Your SEO Strategy

There are two categories of keywords are there,

  1. Short Tail Keywords
  2. Long Tail keywords

Where short tail keywords are know as “SEO, Digital marketing etc, which has heavy competition in the digital field, and whereas the long tail keywords are seo techniques 2018, search engine optimization techniques, search engine optimization tips, seo ranking etc. These are the long tail keywords.

If you are a newbie or startup, then better concentrate on long tail keywords because

Example:Let us assume you are 60% strong in fighting in the boxing ring, on next day you had a fight with 80% more strong than you, will you be able to win the match, may or may not be, because after analyzing him in the ring, and making strategies after every round, you may win or lose but, it will consume more time to defeat him, in the ring. So better fight with the lesser strong person in the ring and gain confidence and this will make you win in less time with the person more stronger than you.

These are the long tail keywords

  1. search engine optimization techniques
  2. search engine optimization tips
  3. seo ranking

So my suggestion is go with the long tail keywords if you are a newbie or startup, this is the best ever seo tip, which i have researched personal and got results soon.

For the short tail keywords their will be more competition and for long tail keywords less competition will be there, so grab that first.

(4) Update and Republish Old Blog Posts

Everyone wants to read or watch the new released content, this is known fact. So google had set their algorithms to optimize the most recent and updated content and show to their users.

So here is the SEO techniques comes, you need to modify and update the old blog post, by simple saying you need to apply the anti-aging cream to your blog post. If old people use anti-aging cream then they will look young, same as you need to use the anti-aging seo technique to the old blog post.

Don’t think that if modify and update the old content whether it works or not. Definitely it works, after modification and updation of the content, the old content will take rebirth according to the google. So do remember this search engine optimization tip.

(5) Link Building: Keep Quality in Mind, Not Quantity

Link building is the one of the top 3 ranking signals, that we have to build to grow organic traffic has reveled by the google search quality senior analyst.

Before this first we need know,

What is quality backlinks?

Getting a link from the high Domain authority site with relevant category is know as the quality backlink.

First we discuss about the “High Domain authority”, for every website there will be a ranking from 0 to 100 according to the age and performance of the website and this is know as the High Domain Authority. Producing our links from these high domain authority sites with relevant category will give you more quality backlinks.

What is relevant category?

Actually if your website is on Travel, then you have to create the backlinks on the travel related websites only. So your website have to interact with the same line websites, with high domain authority site. Search engine optimization tip: Do produce the backlinks on high domain authority sites first. Roughly the post the backlinks on the sites which is having DA(domain authority) above 50. Here is the way you can check the domain authority for each site you post.

(6) Make A Strong Presence on Social Media

We know how powerful the Social Medial is, you can build brand with viral marketing with lakhs of shares.

If you are a starter better concentrate on social media first and show your product to the audience, then you can easily market your website easily. Once you grab the social media platform then, you can easily get brand awareness.

If the post you have published in your page, if someone liked it and sharing on their, then it reaches to all other his friends in the feeds. Using social platform at the beginning of the stage is very powerful idea to strengthen your business

(7) The Rise of Voice Search

In this fast and lazy generation, no wants to type and search. Due to this, Voice Search became very popular.

Nowadays everyone involving in online digging, so programs like siri, google and cortana are trending and getting more user searches.

Making voice friendly search articles for your website will bring your website or your article in featured box.

The main thing to know in this SEO technique is how to optimize?

The answer for this seo technique is using Long tail keywords and using Conversational phrases, apart from this just research the how the people will search keywords in daily life. So search the suitable keyword or conversational phrases like

What is seo?

What are the SEO techniques 2018?

What is search engine optimization techniques?

What is search engine optimization tips?

What is seo ranking?

The Above stated 7 SEO techniques which is very trending for seo ranking. Many SEO techniques have come around since from the Digital marketing had started, most of them will be outdated, if you want to be in the google in the first position then you need to understand and make a trail everyday with new seo technique. Seo techniques are in million, in that million seo techniques you need to find the best which suitable to your business or website.

Thank you guys

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